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How to Receive UHF and VHF OTA Channels
May 29, 2020 – 06:26 pm
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Question 1: I’m uncertain which antenna is best for my location since most stations tend to be UHF but two of this well-known ones are tall VHF. Also I need an electronic digital converter field, did you know where i will get one? Thanks A Lot. From Anton, in Alhambra, Ca.

Question 2: i want an antenna that'll give me both VHF and UHF reception. What's the best antenna you suggest? – the size of cable is about 50 or 60 ft. Do I Would Like PreAmp? From Aubre in Howell, Texas.

Hello Anton and Aubre,

Since you both had concerns with regards to simple tips to get both VHF and UHF reception, I am able to deal with you both in a single response.

We might suggest likely to . Here you may be encouraged to put in where you are and you may see where your broadcast signals are coming from. To recommend an antenna we need to factor in what lengths you might be from your broadcast towers plus the geographical landscapes not far from. For instance, some one located in the town near to the broadcast towers might encounter much more disturbance due to the tall buildings, as opposed to some one living beyond your town, but without those high structures, might receive better reception.

Generally speaking, all of our antennas can be UHF/VHF antennas, however their success may be limited particularly if you want to get networks in the suprisingly low end of VHF (channels 2-6). So Anton, because you suggested which you have actually high VHF in your area we'd suggest you think about the exact distance between you and your broadcast towers and any impediments you may have.

Source: www.antennasdirect.com
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