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Blog Series: Top 10 Markets for OTA HDTV in North America
July 22, 2020 – 11:30 pm
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TV rabbit earsWe’re constantly referring to the fact free Over-the-Air (OTA) television comes in most towns and cities across North America. It's being transmitted in gorgeous High Definition with better image quality than you will get from your own cable/satellite supplier.

Exactly what are the Most Readily Useful Cities In North America for OTA?
Here’s a chart showing the metro areas using the highest number of Over-the-Air TV stations broadcast in hi-def:

Top OTA markets North AmericaIf you can’t spot your town from the chart, right here’s a list of markets that made the top 10 ranking in united states. Please be aware that matter reflects how many HD stations readily available OTA. Many others standard meaning networks can be purchased in these areas.

Throughout the after that couple weeks we’ll be highlighting a number of the awesome content available Over-the-Air in these cities therefore stay tuned in.

Why is OTA So Cool?
With HD image quality and a tough-to-beat cost - free with an HDTV antenna which could cost anywhere from $3 to $200, according to the dimensions and high quality - there's been a surge in number of people accessing tv indicators via digital TV antennas.

And significant broadcast systems (like NBC in the US and CTV in Canada) featuring several of the most preferred programs (like big-bang concept, The Voice, in addition to Americans) there are usually specialty channels airing news, weather condition many of your favorite syndicated series from years previous. Broadcasters are also using notice of resurgence of OTA television viewership and are including brand new specialty OTA networks throughout the United States, showing flicks, westerns and women’s programming.

Just How Do I Obtain It?
As this content is transmitted from regional towers, exactly what you’ll manage to get yourself may differ. If you're in one of the top OTA areas in united states, cutting the cable on cable and only OTA television and Over-the-Top solutions like Netflix and Sling is a superb method for saving money and still have more content than you can ever watch in one day.

Top OTA TV areas List the united states Homer television
Source: www.tablotv.com
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Popular Q&A
Is anyone having trouble with digital over the air television? | Yahoo Answers

In my area it still seems to be very unreliable.
That is true even for local stations that had
a good signal before the digital switch.

Yes. It sucks! They "sold" it to us by telling us it was better. Explained it to us by telling us that it would free up the analog waves for Emergency Responders and other important people and jobs. I've been asking myself since it started - Why, if it's better, do they want to give it to US? If it's better then why not give it to the people who need the reliability? We've got our answer. It's awful and unreliable. The only way to fix the problem is to sign up for cable or sattellite. One more "plus" for the people who pushed the digi-switch.

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