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Troubleshooting Your TV Reception
October 26, 2015 – 04:31 pm
Diagram showing local external

dtv-map.jpgTroubleshooting Your television sign Reception

Following is some information which we hope can assist audiences having reception problems.

Antenna Positioning

A massive greater part of reception dilemmas are caused by antenna position. A typical misconception is that the Nine Network’s tower and studios are observed in downtown St. Louis. Our transmitter location is situated in southern St. Louis County, simply west of Highway 21 and north associated with Meramec River. Trip to figure out a antenna position as well as the top-notch sign which can be anticipated at your location. Pictured under is an example of a place in St. Charles in terms of KETC’s transmitter. Also, because the St. Louis television section transmitters are not all found in the same location, viewers may get varying reception levels for various programs based on their particular antenna position.

Make sure that you antenna is directed within the correct path before carrying out a channel scan on your own tv or converter package. If your television or converter package doesn’t detect the signal(s) you are considering you need to readjust your antenna and perform another channel scan and perform through to the tuner identifies the signal(s). Once the sign is identified after that optimize the career with the television’s alert power signal.

reception-graphic.pngQuality/Strength Indicator

With electronic television, visitors will dsicover the same quality of photo whatever the signal degree on their television. As a result of all or nothing nature of electronic reception also called the digital cliff, it is vital locate and make use of the signal quality/strength indicator on the tv or converter. This is certainly a very important help for adjusting any antenna to offer adequate signal reception and degree to counteract any changes in climate or environments that'll affect the reception high quality during a period of time.

Pictured may be the signal strength screen typically found in the selection portion of the tv screen. Constantly watch this show when adjusting your antenna. Adjust your antennas to have a steady and powerful level.

Indoor vs. Exterior Antennas

Indoor antennas can be an important challenge. While an inside antenna may work in some locations, a backyard antenna placement will function better. Interior antennas endure greatly from effects of ‘multipath.’ Multipath is caused by one or numerous considerable signal(s) reflected from close by object(s) reaching the antenna away from time aided by the primary sign.tvReception-strength.jpg In digital tv it can obliterate indicators enough so the tv cannot decode the data. ‘Dynamic multipath’ is moving multipath that will bring about the signal power signal upgrading and down. This could be due to airplanes, cars and folks.

Kinds of Antennas

Common cycle and rabbit ear antenna. This really is an inexpensive no gain antenna which could work very well for some channels rather than at all for other stations. Positioning the antenna near a window that's in direction of the tv screen broadcast antennas and saturated in the area can help with reception problems.

This will be an internal log-periodic dipole range antenna offered under different brands. If an indoor antenna is important this sort will normally provide acceptable overall performance offered the antenna is put precisely.


The following is a patio yagi style antenna. This antenna will give you great results for outdoor locations and loft installations. This style normally available with extra elements for locations that need greater gain.

For many antennas, particularly outside antennas ensure that the current weather are not bent, broken or holding.


Its smart to always check all antenna internet connections to make certain they are tight as well as in good shape. Screw style F connections must certanly be useful for all connections. Wear connections should be averted unless essential.

Screw design F connectors

Passive antenna (RF) splitters will reduce the signal from the antenna. Unneeded passive (RF) splitters ought to be removed. Pictured here is a 4 way passive RF splitter. All outputs should either be used or ended.

Energetic splitters can be obtained that don't reduce steadily the signal power going right through it. Amplifiers might cause dilemmas simply because they amplify sound including signal. Places close to the broadcast antennas hardly ever need an amplifier.

tvReception-indoorantenna-02.jpg tvReception-outdoorantenna.jpg tvReception-cables.jpg tvReception-splitter.jpg
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Popular Q&A
I don't have cable or satellite, we hooked outdoor antenna up and have had great reception but not now, WHY!!? | Yahoo Answers

ever since television stations went digital we have had our televisions hooked up to an outdoor antenna and have gotten great reception until about two weeks ago now we have no signal, why has this happened and can we do anything to correct it???

Check the cable. You may have had a hungry rat or squirrel chewing on your wires. If that doesn't reveal any problem, plug the antenna input into a different TV and see if that works. If so, it's your TV. If not, it's the antenna or cable. If the first two fixes don't work, try running a second cable from the antenna to the TV to completely bypass the original cable. Finally, verify that the antenna is positioned properly and didn't get blown off line or something.

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