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Antennas Direct - ClearStream Micron Indoor Long-Range Digital TV Antenna - Black
February 11, 2020 – 05:37 am
Portable Digital/Analog TV
Great Substitute For Investing Cable Provider! Posted by: HappyCamperInNC from: North Carolina on I had one of these brilliant and gave it to a friend; ended up purchasing one for myself so I could easily get gone the monthly "converter field" fee being recharged by my provider. It'll pay money for it self very quickly. Which is easy to set up. After operating a scan with my television remote, we acquired 40 channels without issue!

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Functions great within high-rise... Posted by: mikenm258 from: Houston, TX on We inhabit a Houston galleria-area high-rise and bought this antenna as a substitute for cable. The connected coax cable plugs right into your television much less than two moments from opening the container we'd 67 stations (14 of which are both English-speaking and HD). Im extremely impressed utilizing the picture, that will be completely clear and legitimate HD quality. We a 46" Samsung 8500 series as well as the stations look just like the image we had from cable. I experienced no idea an antenna this low priced and easy to create could provide me personally exactly the same photo i obtained from HD cable. Our antenna is initiated in an exterior area and is more than 20 floors up. I did not need to position the antenna by a window or tilt/adjust it in anyway. I literally simply plugged it in out from the box and got clear HD whilst the antenna ended up being sitting on the floor. I don't know if this system works differently at ground level or more away from the loop, however for united states it has been awesome.

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Spotty reception published by: jcollier3rd from: Bowie, MD on i purchased this antenna based on some of the reviews we read on the internet and the price I became happy to pay for a HD antenna. Installation ended up being as simple as screwing the movie cable in back of the TV. My TV features an automobile signal search like most do today and I also had been excited to see I'd 16 networks I would personally be able to watch out for no-cost!!! viewing them turned out to be the top disappointment. Initially great HD channels film like picture after which… pixilation, display freeze, and bad sound tracking. This thing destroyed much more networks as compared to Nationals last period without Stephen Strasburg! I tried repositioning the antenna for better reception however the thing will not hold an indication. We took it back again to BestBuy as well as returned it with no issues.

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Excellent! Published by: MDD1976 from: with this antenna sees more than 120 neighborhood channels. Some that I didn't know existed but caught my attention! Whole lot! So far so good published by: PrairieHawk from: Moorhead, MN on i purchased this antenna and so I can get rid of my expensive cable. I thought the antenna was some spendy but it's nevertheless under 30 days's cable solution. Setup ended up being easy; I'd to experiment quite with all the best positioning, but now I am pulling in all my neighborhood channels. Right here from the Great Plains the transmitters tend to be considerably farther away than they are much more inhabited areas; my NBC transmitter is 45 miles out. I'm watching NBC today, on a windy day (which often causes difficulties with reception), and there is no blockiness or splitting up of the picture. So far i will be extremely satisfied with my purchase. BTW, back at my field it states this model features a peak gain of 4.5 dBi.

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Extremely touchy Posted by: Waterboy from: on If you move this antennae a quarter of an inches you choose to go from 4 to 17 channels. In the event that you walk by it you lose sign. Maybe not the thing I hoped-for.

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Good quality Posted by: Home from: on Very clear quality pictures. All local channels are better than cable and it is FREE
Tristar ClearTV X-72 HDTV Digital Indoor Antenna
CE (Tristar)
  • Enjoy uncompressed HD signal that s better than what your satellite or cable service can provide in your local area.
  • Easy to set up- just plug it in!
  • No contracts, no monthly fees.
  • No unexpected price hikes!
  • Enjoy hundreds of the top-rated network shows, sporting events, sitcoms, local news & weather, kids programming, and more in your local area.
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