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TV Reception Guide
April 8, 2016 – 12:49 pm

Reception (1).jpgThis guide provides background information alongside of use tips to set-up an antenna and configure a television set for over-the-air reception of South Dakota Public Broadcasting. First thing we would advise is that you look at the AntennaWeb internet site. By typing inside address you need to be able to easily determine the type of antenna you should buy, additionally the course the antenna is directed for optimal reception.

If you have an antenna put in and your signal has recently been interrupted, proceed with the troubleshooting guide to assist determine your trouble. Our very first word of advice always should do a channel scan, or "re-scan" your TV set or converter box. If that does not resolve the difficulty, check to ensure that our sign is in fact becoming sent - SDPB periodically does upkeep on a transmitter site, or loses energy or has other technical issues that avoid an indication from becoming broadcast. It is possible to contact us to see if we are experiencing technical problems.

This guide is a fundamental outline concerning signal reception. It is always far better speak to your owner's manual prior to trying any changes. Many proprietors' manuals have a Troubleshooting Guide. When you have additional questions SDPB has actually reception professionals who is able to make use of you to definitely assist solve some problems. We're offered weekdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm Central / 8:00am to 4:00pm hill. Calling number is (800) 456-0766. We try not to make on-site solution telephone calls.

SDPB Coverage Region
SDPB has nine main transmitters. Our primary transmitters are the following. Record includes the decision letters; the town of permit; the specific area of your tower site in parentheses - if distinct from the city of license; the "virtual" channel; as well as the actual electronic channel on which we broadcast.

KUSD, Vermillion (Beresford) Channel 2 - Digital Channel 34
KCSD, Sioux Falls Channel 23 - Digital Channel 24
KESD, Brookings (Hetland) Channel 8 - Electronic Channel 8
KDSD, Aberdeen (Pierpont) Channel 16 - Digital Channel 17
KQSD Lowry Channel 11 - Digital Channel 11
KTSD, Pierre (Reliance) Channel 10 - Digital Channel 10
KPSD, Eagle Butte Channel 13 - Digital Channel 13
KZSD, Martin (Long Valley) Channel 8 - Electronic Channel 8
KBHE, Rapid City Channel 9 - Digital Channel 26

a word-of description: even though it demonstrates is complicated, when the electronic change happened, TV stations were directed by the FCC to keep distinguishing by themselves by their particular "virtual" channel quantity - the station you're always witnessing on the TV set prior to the 2009 Digital TV Transition. However, in some instances, we are really broadcasting on a frequency that's distinct from the one the thing is that on your TV or converter box. For example, KUSD shows up on your TV as Channel 2, but we're in fact broadcasting on Channel 34. The reason why that matters is - when it comes to KUSD and KBHE - we appear to people become broadcasting on a VHF station, whenever, in reality, our company is broadcasting on a UHF channel. Once you understand this makes a big change in type of antenna you utilize to receive our signals.

Reception (2).jpgVHF stations are those networks 2 through 13, and UHF networks are channels 14 and above. If you're in KESD, KQSD, KTSD, KPSD or KZSD broadcast places you will want an antenna that gets VHF indicators to obtain SDPB. If you're in the KUSD, KCSD, KDSD, or KBHE broadcast places you'll want to ensure that your antenna gets a UHF sign being obtain SDPB's TV indicators.

Similarly, SDPB broadcasts on six translator programs (smaller, low-power transmission web sites that offer a localized area). They have been:

K15IZ Edgemont Channel 9 - Digital Channel 15
K39LT Pringle Channel 9 - Digital Channel 39
K10PS Pine Ridge Channel 8 - Digital Channel 10
K080J Wagner Channel 2 - Digital Channel 8
K19CG Belle Fourche Channel 19
K04GW Spearfish Channel 4

As it is the way it is using main transmitters, the translators utilize "virtual" networks to recognize by themselves. Viewers within the Edgemont and Pringle areas would look at translator channel number show up on their particular TV set as Channel 9, but the Edgemont translator transmits on Channel 15 while the Pringle translator transmits on Channel 39. Both of these are UHF signals and would require a UHF antenna.

Visitors in Pine Ridge area would see SDPB on channel 8, although signal is actually becoming transmitted on Channel 10. Visitors within the Wagner location would see SDPB on station 2, though the signal is in fact becoming transmitted on Channel 8. Watchers of your translators in Pine Ridge and Wagner should utilize a VHF antenna for the SDPB signal.

Reception Basics

Television indicators tend to be strongest when there is a type of picture between the transmitting tower while the receiving antenna. The signal is damaged when structures, mountains, and trees prevent the line of sight. Signal strength in addition reduces given that distance from transmitting tower is increased. Careful attention into collection of an antenna can get over a number of the problems. When buying equipment keep your receipts while making yes the retailer is going to work to you to make certain there is the proper set-up.

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