DTV air channels

Which digital TV channels are available locally over the air?
August 16, 2020 – 12:45 am
Dtv Channels

Which stations you can view varies according to your TV, your antenna along with your area.

Whenever Wilmington became the first U.S. town to switch to all-digital over-the-air television on Sept. 8, 2008, some visitors found a full world of electronic channels formerly just open to cable or satellite customers.

Those with analog TVs had been expected to get brand-new sets or spend money on a DTV converter field to see those networks. The us government to start with issued coupons to simply help customers choose the $40 converters, nevertheless the coupon system has actually since concluded. Converters are nevertheless for sale in shops (including Walmart and Sears) that offer digital gear or on line.

Watchers with digital televisions only must add DTV antennas, if needed, to start to see the digital networks.

In accordance with the America on line (AOL) TV Guide as of 2013, starting in the bottom associated with dial, the DTV channels readily available throughout the air when you look at the Wilmington area include:

  • WWAY (ABC) 3.1
  • WECT (NBC) 6.1
  • WECT Plus 6.2
  • WILM (CBS) 10.1
  • WSFX (Fox) 26.1
  • WUNJ (UNC-TV, PBS) 39.1
  • WUNJ2 (UNC-TV, PBS2) 39.2
  • WUNJ3 (UNC-TV, PBS3) 39.3

Some individuals in Wilmington can also receive Jacksonville’s WPXU (Ion Television) at 35.1, Qubo (children’s programming) at 35.2 and Ion lifetime at 35.3, though Ion’s internet site says those stations aren't offered within the atmosphere within marketplace.

NOTE: This is an updated form of a concern initially replied in 2010.

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Is anyone having trouble with digital over the air television? | Yahoo Answers

In my area it still seems to be very unreliable.
That is true even for local stations that had
a good signal before the digital switch.

Yes. It sucks! They "sold" it to us by telling us it was better. Explained it to us by telling us that it would free up the analog waves for Emergency Responders and other important people and jobs. I've been asking myself since it started - Why, if it's better, do they want to give it to US? If it's better then why not give it to the people who need the reliability? We've got our answer. It's awful and unreliable. The only way to fix the problem is to sign up for cable or sattellite. One more "plus" for the people who pushed the digi-switch.

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