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I’m no longer receiving any channels, or I am not receiving the number of channels I was receiving
May 1, 2020 – 01:05 pm

There are many steps to test an antenna installation. This FAQ is divided into sections since all steps may not apply to every installation.

Preliminary Fast Solution Procedures

Check to see for those who have resolved your issue after every of those actions.

  1. Verify that the television is scheduled into the proper input for using an antenna
  2. Verify all contacts are tight consequently they are on correct ports
  3. If the antenna is mounted outside, ensure there is no water in the connections on the coaxial cable
  4. Visually examine the antenna, the coaxial cable, and the balun/matching transformer (the unit that connects the antenna to your coaxial cable), and just about every other gear which may be when you look at the set up regarding damage, and change any things that are damaged
  5. For those who have a moment television set, check it out to make sure it is working properly
  6. If at all possible, connect a cable straight from antenna toward television set with nothing else in between, including preamplifiers, amplifiers, splitters, DVRs, VCRs, home theatre receivers, or just about any other gear, and do a channel scan on TV set to see if you are obtaining something (if you reside in an area where a preamplifier is required to get any stations, after that keep it set up because of this preliminary test. If you are able to receive even one channel minus the preamplifier, don’t are the preamplifier with this test as it is designed to get rid of as numerous possible failure tips as you are able to.).

If you nonetheless don't have any photographs on any networks after step # 6 above, decide to try a different coaxial cable amongst the antenna as well as the TV set. If there nevertheless are not any photographs, try changing the balun/matching transformer. If this does not resolve the matter, it could be required to change the antenna. However, it isn't typical for an antenna to fail entirely. Its overall performance can become degraded in the long run if elements, or even the interconnections involving the elements, become damaged, but total failure just isn't common.

If you do have photos after action no. 6 overhead, the troubleshooting measures to just take next will depend on how many other equipment is roofed inside installation. The quickest method to determine which piece of equipment causes the problem is to reinstall the gear one-piece at a time that has been removed in step # 6 overhead, examining for images regarding television set after each device is reinstalled. If the photos are lost, get rid of the final machine which was set up and work out sure everything is nonetheless working. If it's, you've got identified the equipment this is certainly resulting in the problem. Troubleshooting tips for individual items tend to be here.

Troubleshooting a Preamplifier

  1. Verify all connections are proper and tight
  • Antenna production would go to the INPUT port from the preamplifier
  • Link the coaxial cable going into the home on OUTPUT/POWER slot regarding the preamplifier
  • Coaxial cable through the preamplifier connects to your TO AMP interface on energy inserter
  • Coaxial cable to the television set links into the TO television slot on energy inserter
  • Coaxial cable towards the power adapter that plugs into the wall socket is attached to the DC IN port in the energy inserter
  • If all connections tend to be correct and tight, make use of a volt meter to verify the voltage going to the preamplifier is proper on TO AMP port of the energy inserter by utilizing a short coaxial jumper and calculating involving the center conductor plus the human body of connector. The voltage should be between 18VDC and 23VDC.
  • In the event that current just isn't contained in step # 2 preceding, remove the cable from DC IN port regarding the power inserter and assess the current involving the center conductor while the body regarding the connector. In the event that current is good at this stage, this implies your energy inserter features failed. If current continues to be not present, make use of an alternate short jumper in the energy inserter and recheck for DC voltage out from the energy adapter. If there is no current, what this means is that the energy adapter features failed.
  • If the voltage is correct out of the energy inserter in action number 2 overhead, verify that the DC voltage occurs at input towards preamplifier by detatching the cable through the OUTPUT/POWER port and calculating between the center conductor and also the human anatomy of connector. In line with the duration of the coaxial cable amongst the power inserter as well as the preamplifier, the DC current will be below that which was measured straight off the energy inserter. So long as it really is above 12VDC, the preamplifier should work properly. When there is no current present, this implies that the coaxial cable needs to be replaced.
  • In the event that current is proper at the end of the cable within preamplifier in step number 4 above, take away the power adapter from the wall surface socket to turn off the DC voltage, link the cable from energy inserter directly to the antenna production, after which check to see when you yourself have photos on television set. In that case, this indicates that preamplifier it self has actually failed.
  • If you nevertheless don’t have any photos on any channels after step number 5 above, try another coaxial cable amongst the antenna plus the television set. If there however are not any images, try replacing the balun/matching transformer. If this does not fix the issue, it may possibly be essential to replace the antenna. But just isn't typical for an antenna to fail entirely. Its performance can become degraded over time if elements, or the interconnections between the elements, become damaged, but total failure is not common.
  • If you're nevertheless having difficulties along with your preamplifier after doing the troubleshooting tips above, please contact Channel Master Technical Support at, and describe the difficulties you will be having in just as much information as you can. Please additionally note your email, cell phone number, and time of purchase of your preamplifier.
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