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What are some channels accessible through a Clear TV antenna?
February 22, 2019 – 08:59 pm
01MM-SQ01 UHF/VHF Amplified TV

Some factors that influence a station's sign strength are the distance between your antenna and the transmitter, the area of the antenna, together with existence of surrounding hills, high trees or buildings. People are able to find out which antenna stations can be found in their location by going to This amazing site allows people to enter a ZIP rule to find out which transmitters are nearby. The internet site also proposes antenna kinds which can be prone to provide users ideal reception based on their place.

To get best reception therefore the maximum number of networks using Clear television antenna, users should position the antenna on an external wall surface or window. Very thick walls or walls that contain large amounts of metal may hinder signals. Users might need to move the antenna many times before choosing the most useful place. If desired, people can usually conceal the Clear TV antenna behind artwork or furnishings without affecting alert strength. If users encounter consistently weak or intermittent indicators while using a definite TV antenna, a Clear television amp may enhance reception.

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go to and type in digital antenna the coathanger antenna works great and cost like 2 bucks to make

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