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February 5, 2016 – 01:18 pm
Can get with an antenna

Because the digital television transition during 2009, progressively families are experiencing television antennas setup. It’s no surprise – with the rising wide range of available broadcast networks while the increasing costs of registration TV, over-the-air programming is starting to become a good combination of option and cost-savings.

Besides most of the great regional and system shows you’re currently acquainted with, brand-new electronic “subchannels” offer a great deal of free, top-quality programming for practically all preferences. There’s cooking and life style programs, classic sitcoms, mysteries, westerns, uplifting spiritual programming, function films and so much more. There’s also a 24-hour climate channel just like you’d find on cable!

A great amount of no-cost TV programming with no cable expenses!

There’s even more development choices available over-the-air than ever before. Involving the eight broadcasters serving Northeast Wisconsin, these day there are up to 18 no-cost TV networks* to enjoy.

Antenna reception may be tricky

But over-the-air reception is not without its headaches. Based your location, it can be difficult to get the stations you really want. This is especially valid since broadcasting turned digital, because good signal reception can indicate the difference between since fourth-quarter touchdown capture or witnessing very little. The choices of antennas have never been more plentiful, but some of those models aren't of great high quality.

The suitable mixture of just the right antenna in addition to correct placement for the location is a technology, and it will be as unique as a fingerprint. Many elements impact your reception – the exact distance from the broadcast towers, the topography of your location, the design associated with the antenna, where its installed an such like. All of these elements matter, therefore getting great signal power for several of Green Bay’s broadcast stations is rarely a do-it-yourself types of work.

Let's put in just the right antenna for your home

At Suess Electronics, we’ve already been setting up antennas for decades, and have experts on staff being trained and skilled in antenna set up. We also carry the industry-leading antenna designs that work best for domiciles all over Northeast Wisconsin. We are going to do everything we are able to to ensure that you have good reception from as many available local channels possible.

Channel Master Channel Master CM-9025 3-Inch Heavy-Duty Wall Mount for TV Antenna Masts
Speakers (Channel Master)
  • Accepts Mast up to 2.5 inches in Diameter
  • 1 Pair
  • Lag bolts are included
  • U-Bolt with V-Block
  • Standoff from wall: 3 inches
Channel Master Channel Master 3079 Antenna Mount Kit - 2 Pack
Speakers (Channel Master)
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Warranty: 90 days
  • Install any masted antenna to any wall.
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What is on antenna channel 13-1?

Q13 FOX is Channel 13-1 and can now be seen on digital sub-channel 22-2! !

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