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Digital TV Converter Box Summary
October 7, 2019 – 04:04 pm
The quest for a DTV converter

Watchability Now - And
Unwatchability After the Switchover (No television obtainable.)
The trouble is, that many analog channels which are acceptably watchable now, snowfall and all sorts of,
will show "no sign" after the switch to electronic, although you have a brand-new digital converter box.
I currently can view about 4 of these analog channels (7, 9, 20, 46 - san francisco bay area Bay Area).
We expect, that following the electronic switchover, I will see absolutely nothing on any channel.
To complicate matters more, television channels is going to be dropping their particular production capacity to 85per cent of just what it had been
utilizing an analog signal, since the brand-new digital signal is "higher high quality", and also the greater power is "not needed".

"The difficulty with DTV is that it does not break down gracefully, the way NTSC (analog) television does: when NTSC signals tend to be marginal, you get snowfall in the photo, although audio does not cut fully out until the (FM) sign is just too weak for complete quieting. With DTV, the audio cuts away as soon as the image does, and there's no "adequate" center floor: it's both good or really gone." . . . from W1AC on

My Option - #12
Considering that the authorities, I moved ahead, and bought at a high price Item #12 above, the Zenith DTT901, even though it lacks an S-Video output. I've constantly liked Zenith TVs, well-known for quality and reliability. There is A LOT of good comments about this device from genuine radio-head kind gurus (Radio Amateurs) - you never BS these guys. When swapped into position, it really is reported for indicators that some others never! It appears to have the best "front end" - the ability to capture weak signals (which implies high gain, low noise figure first amp, and a high Signal/Noise Ratio, manufactured by LG Electronics). Note that Consumer Reports will not give it a high rating, for reasons uknown. I believe they are wrong.
FOLLOWUP - After buying the Zenith DTT901, I today get ZERO CHANNELS. The box onscreen sign energy meter (great function) shows an electronic digital signal on 16 stations, but NO CHANNEL is good enough to create a photo or sound.

Current Digital...



Signal Power Meter =
"Weak Signal Present"

Channels 10, 12, 13, 19, 24, 29, 30, 33, 34, 39, 43, 45, 56, 57, 58

Teorder HDMI to 3 RCA/Composite AV/CVBS Converter 1080P Composite Video Audio Adapter for Xbox/PS4/PS3/PC/Laptop/TV/STB/VHS/VCR/Camera/DVD/Blu-ray Player/Support PAL/NTSC with USB Charge Cable
Speakers (Teorder)
  • 1. Most efficient, cost effective way to display your HDMI exclusive devices on an older television, bridge that gap perfectly.
  • 2. Work straight out of the box, easy hook up, just plug and play. No lag, no distortion, anti-interference.
  • 3. USB-powered, handy compact little hdmi to RCA convetor adapter.
  • 4. Support PAL/NTSC, save your headache when going to other countries where newer standards aren t widely adopted.
  • 5. Great gift idea for boys, girls, your technology friends and families, travel talent.
Digital to Analog Audio Converter, Costech DAC SPDIF Coaxial Toslink to Analog Stereo Audio R/L 3.5mm jack Converter Adapter for BluRAY XBox360 HDTV DVD Apple TV Amazon Fire TV Box
Speakers (Costech)
  • Costech Analog to Digital Audio Converter, Converts SPDIF Coaxial or Toslink digital audio signals to analog L/R audio, Support Connect to RCA Jack Amplifier and...
  • Supports Sampling Rate at 96,48,44.1 and 32 KHz, 24-bit SPDIF incoming Bit Stream on Left and Right Channels
  • Built in CS86 chip, Provides Electromagnetic-noise-free Transmission
  • Robust Aluminum Alloy Case Cover Design, Avoid Interference and Good for Heat Dissipation
  • Easy to Install and Simple to Operate, Reliable Performance, Certificated by FCC ROHS, Supports PS3, XBox 360, HDTV, BluRAY DVD, Sky HD, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV...
GANA Full HD RCA/AV 3RCA CVBS Composite Video Female AV to HDMI Converter Box Adapter Supports PAL NTSC with Powered USB Charger for TV PC PS3 Xbox STB VCR Blue-Ray DVD Players (3RCA AV to HDMI)
Speakers (GANA)
  • Not Support N64 Converts analog composite input to HDMI 1080p (60HZ) output,displayed on 1080p (60HZ) HDTV/Moniter
  • Support HDMI 1080p or 720p output.
  • Provide advanced signal processing with great precision,colors, resolutions, and details.Plug and play
  • Support PAL, NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43, SECAM, PAL/M, PAL/N standard TV formats input.
  • Attention: Please connect your power cable(included) to get this video converter working perfectly. Make sure your device has hdmi connector.
TNP HDMI Switch with Optical Audio Out High Speed Switcher Selector Hub Box + Audio Extractor Splitter Converter to Digital Toslink Coaxial SPDIF Analog 3.5mm Stereo AUX Jack 2RCA with Remote Control
Speakers (TNP Products)
  • Expand the capabilities of your HDTV, connect up to 4 HDMI compatible devices for seamless transitions between gaming, streaming, television and more; an excellent...
  • Extract the digital audio signal from the HDMI input and convert it to 2 channel analog 3.5mm stereo AUX output or 5.1 / 7.1 channel optical audio SPDIF Toslink...
  • Supports Full HD 1080p and 1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i, 480p, and 480i resolutions, High Definition Audio, Deep Color & HDCP
  • Supports digital audio format: LPCM, Dolby Digital, DTS, DVD-Audio, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio, DTS-HD Master Audio, MPCM, DSD...
  • Supports multiplexed HDMI 4 input and 1 output; Deep Color support 36/30/24-bit; Audio EDID select function; CEC bypass on HDMI out; Super wideband IR control system...
Teorder RCA Composite AV CVBS to HDMI Audio Video Mini Converter Adaptor Full HD 720P 1080P with USB Charge Cable Support PAL/NTSC for PS3/STB/ Xbox/VHS/VCR/Blue-Ray DVD Players/TV/PC
Speakers (Teorder)
  • 1.Teorder RCA to HDMI converter is a must have if you want to keep using your older devices with your new smart modern HD TV/ HDMI monitor.
  • 2.Ecstatic for avid retro gamers/people who love vintage gaming systems/retro console collection/VHS collector yet lack an HDMI output.
  • 3.Teorder AV to HDMI adapter works as a charm, works straight out of the box, easy hook up, just plug and play.
  • 4.Teorder RCA to HDMI 720P/1080P upscaler, No lag, No distortion, Anti-interference.
  • 5.WARRANTY: 1 year limited warranty by Teorder Direct.
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