Digital TV converter box channels list

Digital Converter Setup and Channel Lineup
June 19, 2015 – 09:27 am
HDTV Digital Converter Box

When you yourself have a tv that required an electronic converter, please utilize the path below.

1 - Connect the Converter towards Wall Outlet

Connect a coaxial cable from your wall surface jack into the "ANT-IN" on converter package. The converter may also have to be connected to an electrical origin.

2 - Connect Preferred TV Connection Kind

In the event your television has actually an HDMI input, we advice with the "HDMI OUT" (see picture above) to connect the converter towards tv. Should you not have an HDTV, you'll want to make use of the composite (red, white, yellow) output or perhaps the "ANT-OUT" on your converter. If you use the ANT-OUT, note the station that the converter is placed for. As seen above, it will probably default becoming on station three of the television's tuner. If you use a composite, you will have to change to your TV's composite video input. Your TV should indicate exactly what it is labeled on link.

1 - change to Converter's television feedback

After you have linked your converter, start your TV and alter the input toward link type you've got selected.

Note: of all television's HDMI is listed as HDMI 1, HDMI 2, etc. For composite movie, it is labeled "AV". For coaxial, it is almost always labeled "TV", "Cable" or "Antenna".

2 - Run the Converter's Channel Scan

Your converter will boot toward Installation Guide, bypass this. Drive the "Menu" button regarding remote, make use of the arrows in your remote to achieve the third loss, the "Channel Search" window.

Select nation "USA", Select "Signal Type" and ensure its set to "Cable" (it'll be "Air" automagically).

Today check-out "Auto Search" and struck "okay" - This will start the station scan.

Your automobile search might take 5 to 20 moments. Usually do not shut-off your converter or TV during this time period.

3 - Verify your order of Your stations

As soon as your search is finished, you should be capable instantly see stations. As you'll see below, the channel order is somewhat distinct from that of our typical lineup. See below.

Set to Ascending Order


In case your networks are not automatically in ascending purchase, please hit the MENU secret regarding converter's remote. Under "Program" select "Sort" and change to "Sort by LCN". The standard code is "000000". You should are in possession of stations into the purchase below.

Require Help?

In case the converter is certainly not receiving an indication, make sure that "Cable" is selecting before doing all of your station search. In addition, make sure that the coaxial through the wall in connected to the "ANT-IN" input from the converter.

If your TV is not displaying the converter, please ensure that you are on the correct input of the TV depending on the connection you've selected (HDMI, Coaxial, Composite, etc.)

In case your converter is not operating precisely, set to factory defaults and start the actions more than. This might be located on the "program" tab into the selection under "Restore Defaults".

For customer care and fixes, you can easily contact Time Warner Cable at 315-634-6000.

Turning In Your Digital Converter

Here are a few options for working with the converter package and remote whenever you leave your residence hall at the end of the semester. Observe that the turn in areas here have now been updated when it comes to summary of Spring 2016 semester.

Take all of them with you

If you’re time for University housing following this semester, and you will be utilizing the same TV as you have, please go ahead and keep the converter box and handheld remote control, and bring all of them with you once you move around in later on this summer. Whenever you come back, you won’t need certainly to watch for a new converter.

Recycle all of them for reuse

If you don’t wish to take your converter package and remote control to you, or will return with an alternative tv, or don’t plan to return to University housing next semester, you can get back your converter box and its particular handheld remote control for reuse. Kindly turn them in at:

  • Your residence hall’s front desk (if you live on North Campus) by May 15, 2016
  • Areas 206 or 210 in the Goldstein Student Center (if you're on South Campus) by May 15, 2016

Questions? Require assistance?

Digital Converter Channel Lineup

The digital converters receive the Clear QAM differently than integrated TV tuners. If you use a converter, your channels should be into the order below.

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