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February 20, 2019 – 08:57 pm
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Why is the picture not on? Or "Weak Signal" or "No system" seems.
Kindly verify automobile Scan is finished properly for DTV networks.
If not, press selection in the remote to select Channel -> Auto Scan.

NOTE: Unlike Analog broadcasting, Digital television Channel information must be gotten through Auto Scan before viewing DTV broadcasting.

Can I watch Pay Cable TV by selecting "Cable" in the Channel ? Input Selection menu?
No. You can not watch Pay Cable TV broadcasting with this DTV Converter box.
In the event that you pick "Cable" in Input Selection in the selection, you'll only view free retransmitted Over-the-Air networks.
How come the Converter Box switch off abruptly after a long time?
The DTV Converter Box is automatically switched off after 4 hours of individual inactivity,
as advised by U.S Environmental coverage Agency to save power. .

If you wish to disable the automobile energy down
1) hit the Menu button from the remote.
2) pick work -> Time -> Power Down.
3) pick Off and/or desired power peace and quiet

Can I get a replacement remote for my converter package?
Yes, to purchase a replacement or additional remote, click here.
Could I use my Universal handheld remote control to operate the converter field?
Yes, follow the instructions below when it comes to various Universal Remotes and Converter Boxes marketed at RadioShack.
Digital flow Digital to Analog Converter Box (Model DTX9900, SKU 15-149)

If the day rule on your design is April 2008 (04A08) or later on, the next universal remotes from RadioShack will be able to work, because of the exclusions as here.
1. EPG is the Guide option.
2. PREV is the final button.
3. Limited functionality.
4. OK button is combined with Mute key. Use Information option for okay.

The handheld remote control does not work for my TV. Just how do I search for development rules making use of the remote that included my converter package?
The remote that included your DTV Converter Box might not get a grip on some television brands.
Make sure you follow the handy remote control programming directions below, or see your Install Guide for certain brand name development rules.
If you fail to take control of your TV with this particular remote, we recommend you use the radio control that came with your television separately,
or get a universal remote that will get a grip on the television along with your converter package. (Refer to the last question.)

1) ensure that the television is fired up during programming.

2) Press and hold the TV Power button (remaining part in "TV" group of buttons, not the key converter package Power switch into the upper correct corner).
It Power key needs to be pressed and held your whole time development is within development. If the television Power key is circulated, programming stops.

3) Press the Up Arrow slowly and continuously before the TV converts off. Allow time between presses (about another) for remote to send the signal and also for the TV to react (if it will react to the code)
After about 105 Up Arrow presses, the remote will have gone through the entire directory of television rules. To test again, utilize the same treatment, but press the Down Arrow to scan through the television rules when you look at the other course.

4) Once the television converts down, turn it back on utilising the remote then make sure that all of the television buttons work (energy, Input, and Volume +/-). If the television buttons try not to work, continue trying to find a code from 1.

Note: If you'd like to reset the remote returning to the start of it rule list, obvious the memory by removing the batteries and pressing some buttons in the remote. After that change the battery packs.

I would like the image to-be full display screen. Why are there black colored pubs around the photo?
The change to digital allows several different formats of video becoming sent. The converter field has a zoom function on it that will allow to maximise the picture to ideal suit your display. Utilize the Zoom button from the remote to enlarge or shrink the image towards pleasure.

The ebony bars around the picture are known as the "Windowboxing" or "postage-stamp" effect: the television picture occupies the biggest market of the screen, leaving black bars above, below and on either region of the picture. This does occur due to the fact electronic broadcasts of community programs are in many cases formatted for widescreen HDTVs. When shown on a non-widescreen television, the image will show black colored bars above and below.

However, most electronic broadcasts are not widescreen. Hardly any daytime programs, like syndicated programs and reruns of old sitcoms, tend to be widescreen. The stations cope with this by inserting black pubs to the left and right of image to pad from widescreen framework. On a non-wide TV, the end result is windowboxing. That good 32-inch television you got five years ago is turned into a 24-incher.

Once you hit the Zoom button regarding remote that comes with the converter field, the picture expands therefore it fills the display screen. But be careful; as soon as the after that show happens, it might have already been shot in widescreen. The "zoom" mode it's still on, meaning only the center of this image is visible. The left and correct sides will fall beyond your screen, but you won´t understand that, until you start pressing the Zoom button again to cycle through some choices until you arrive at the letterboxed mode.

Do i want a particular antenna for digital or high-definition television?
No. Generally, if an antenna has actually reasonable reception for both VHF (channels 2-13) and UHF (channels 14-69), it will work for electronic TV. Many (not all) digital television programs broadcast on UHF. But if you are using "rabbit ears" (two right antenna rods without any UHF antenna cycle), you may want to upgrade to a mixture UHF/VHF antenna.
How can I get the very best sound and video clip from my converter field?
Whilst RF or antenna production provides a beneficial photo, you may get better sound and video clip by using the composite video clip and stereo sound jack regarding straight back panel. For connecting you'll need 3 cables with phone plugs to connect these outputs towards Audio/Video inputs on the television.
Why don´t I have the same channels in digital that i acquired in analog?
One explanation can be the analog and digital broadcasts come from different sources. In reality, in some instances the electronic transmitter may be miles away from the tower which transmitting the analog sign. Therefore the length from your own location may impact the quality and few section that you receive. To address this dilemma, you can easily upgrade the antenna you may be using.
Another explanation can be the channels have never switched on their digital transmitter. Nothing can be carried out before the broadcaster chooses to make the transition. More often than not, individuals get much more digital channels than they do analog stations with considerable enhancement in quality.
What is the distinction between "fragile Signal" and "No system"?
1. Weak Signal appears once the DTV Converter container cannot get any DTV networks considering weak signal strength.
2. No program appears once the DTV Converter container got DTV RF Signal without audio/video resource, such as for example if the broadcaster transmits the scrambled sign for screening.
How do I know which way to aim my antenna?
The sign strength meter (METER option on remote) is beneficial for pointing or positioning an antenna. Head to on view where TV stations broadcast from relative to your local area. Head to "Select an antenna" and enter your address or Zip Code. Pick "see Street degree Map" to look at instructions associated with the broadcast towers from your own location. This might be ideal for pointing directional antennas.
How do I use the volume control from the converter package?
Set your television amount to a level slightly above the amount amount you wish to utilize. Then use the converter field remote to regulate it right down to a comfy listening amount.
Why don´t the Closed Caption options work for Font Size, Style, and Color?
Within the CAPTION menu, put "CC Option" to "User" to change the Closed Caption choices. The CC choices are only efficient the CS1 to CS6 Closed Captioning. They are not available for CC1 or CC2.
The Setup Wizard performedn´t think about it once I first powered from the converter box. Can I run the Setup Wizard once again?
Press Menu, arrow down to the event menu, and choose Factory Reset. As soon as the converter package restarts, the Setup Wizard will run. The station scan throughout the Setup Wizard doesn't erase channels currently stored. To scan for stations and erase formerly saved stations, press Menu, choose car Scan, and Rescan.
How do you connect both a converter box and antenna to my television?
In the event your television features Audio/Video (A/V) contacts, you can put in this bypass cycle from your own antenna towards the coax connector on your television.

What you will really need
* feedback range from your interior or outside antenna
* Qty. 1, Analog-to-Digital Converter Container
* Qty. 1, VHF/UHF Splitter-Combiner (15-2586)
* Qty. 1, Six-foot Gold Series A/V Cable (15-3021)
* Qty. 2, Six-foot coax cable with F connectors

1. Link the input from your own antenna towards splitter.
2. Through the splitter, link one six-foot coax cable towards the Converter container plus one to the "Antenna In" link on your own TV.
3. Link the Converter Box towards TV with all the A/V cable.

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