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DTV Converter Box Coupons
February 14, 2019 – 08:39 pm
Television Converter Box

The government’s DTV coupon system can help you save to $80. Here’s ways to get discount coupons.

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By Steven Sande, Digital television Facts

How do I get my coupons?

Requests for digital-to-analog converter box coupons may be popular by mail, through a toll-free phone number, or through a government web site, beginning January 1, 2008.

When could I request a coupon?

Not yet, unfortuitously. Demands will undoubtedly be taken from January 1, 2008, through March 31, 2009.

You might request DTV converter box coupons as early as you are able to, as the program might not have adequate funds to fulfill the need.

Cable, satellite or other pay-TV readers, specially, should not postpone, because their particular eligibility will lapse if initial investment becomes depleted. (in the event that you sign up to a pay-TV solution, you most likely will likely not need a DTV converter package if you do not in addition acquire an analog television that's not connected to the service.)

Could I pre-order a voucher?

No. This program won't accept coupon demands before January 1, 2008, based on the nationwide Telecommunications and Ideas Administration (NTIA), the national company that administers the voucher program.

Who can request a coupon?

Initially, all households in the U.S. as well as its territories qualify.

In the event that DTV converter package voucher system exhausts its $890 million coupon spending plan, another stage (providing an additional $510 million) begins. Through the 2nd stage, households that obtain cable, satellite or other pay tv service will not be eligible to get coupons. The residual coupons could be offered to over-the-air visitors just.

The limitation is two coupons per home, each best for $40 off the cost of an electronic digital TV converter box.

The coupon system is for households just. Companies, offices, schools, non-profits businesses or any other organizations aren't eligible to engage.

What counts as a family group? In government’s meaning, a “household” includes all persons whom presently occupy a property, apartment, cellular house, band of spaces, or single room that's occupied as a different U.S. postal address. (although multiple households share similar household, the restriction stays two discount coupons really worth $80 altogether. For instance, if family stocks a residence or apartment along with your moms and dads, the entire countless you certainly will nevertheless be restricted to two discount coupons to divide among yourselves.) If you're in a flat or any other multiunit home, each device with a separate postal target can request two coupons. A post workplace package does not count as a family group, although a P.O. field is appropriate as a mailing target in outlying places without residence postal delivery.

Could be the coupon program limited based on income?

No. The DTV converter subsidy system does not integrate a “means test, ” therefore any usually qualified individual may request a voucher no matter income.

In which am I able to make use of my coupon?

You'll get your DTV converter box coupon at any shop (including an internet retailer) certified because of the federal government to participate in this system.

May I combine the coupons?

No. By law, only 1 voucher works extremely well per DTV converter you purchase. May very well not combine two coupons toward the acquisition of just one converter field.

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