Local digital channels

A new box from Sling TV could give cord-cutters access to local OTA channels
April 28, 2019 – 01:56 am
Local digital channels

With PlayStation Vue having become available across the country last thirty days, Sling television is unexpectedly dealing with much stiffer competitors than it's currently. it is obvious your service is going to have to offer anything brand-new so that including subscribers, and retain its present clients, and it appears the business’s method revolves around regional stations.

A field could be on route that would combine over-the-air (OTA) regional channels aided by the Sling television streaming experience, relating to resources talking with Dave Zatz of Zatz maybe not Funny. The container goes by the name AirTV and is a collaboration between the Dish-owned Sling TV and Echostar’s Sling Media.

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Regional TV channels were an issue for both Sling television and PlayStation Vue, due to the certification deals required with every individual local affiliate. Because AirTV would you need to take the easily offered OTA channels, however, this will avoid those licensing charges while offering a far more streamlined experience than the mixture of a streaming box and an antenna plugged straight into the television.


Users would simplan attach their own antenna to the AirTV, which would have both streaming hardware and an OTA tuner, which would then make this available to the Sling TV app on your own hardware. It remains to be seen exactly how the OTA channels would be presented within the Sling TV interface — obviously some of the more advanced features would be lacking — but for users who are just looking for the local news or similar programming, it would likely be good enough.

The AirTV can be simply the start of Sling Media’s programs, as Zatz’s sources say that multiple Slingbox services and products might be on the road. There clearly was at this time no word on when some of these products, such as the AirTV, will likely to be readily available, as well as when they will be accessible. Sling television has actually however to produce any sort of statement, and there has been no official verification for this project being in the works. And unless particular deals are designed, this move could disturb Sling TVs existing partners, therefore the service will more than likely tread cautiously until all of the basics have already been covered.

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Earlier on recently, Sling television made a significantly confusing move by the addition of several Fox stations, just available in a package split from its initial Best of Live television package. Consumers now face a choice regarding which local channels they want. If or when the AirTV arrives, this would provide a solution to this issue.

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