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How to Hook Up a Local Channel Antenna to DIRECTV
July 25, 2015 – 07:02 am
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The satellite service DIRECTV provides each subscriber a satellite receiver that's like a cable converter field. The receiver includes several ports to get in touch the device to a surround sound product, a VCR also gadgets. The receiver also contains a port for connecting an antenna for receiving neighborhood networks. Connecting an antenna lets you receive digital channels obtainable in your neighborhood, including any network and independent stations. The antenna port accepts any antenna containing a coaxial connector.


Switch off and unplug the DIRECTV receiver as well as your tv. Turn the receiver around so that the back of this device is facing you.


Put a digital antenna close to or near to the receiver. Plug the antenna's coaxial connector into the "OFF-AIR IN" slot regarding straight back of this receiver. You'll be able to make use of an external digital antenna. Seek advice from the antenna's manual on proper mounting methods, then route the antenna's coaxial cable inside via a window or other orifice in your home.

Step Three

Turn the connector with your fingers until it really is tight. Extend the antenna's aerials and point them toward a screen or doorway to get the strongest channel signals possible.

Step 4

Plug in and power on the receiver and television. Hit the "Menu" key on your own DIRECTV handheld remote control. Utilize the down and up arrow keys to navigate to "Settings." Press the "Select" secret, then navigate to "Setup" and hit the "choose" key.

Step 5

Navigate to and choose "Sat & Ant, " after that navigate to "Antenna Setup" and hit the "choose" key. Choose "Local systems" and press the "Choose" key. Proceed with the on-screen prompts to find the networks you wish to obtain.

Step 6

Navigate to and choose "Scan for stations." Push the "Select" key to begin the checking process. When the process is total, you'll be shown the DIRECTV guide to delete any stations you don't desire to get or show when you look at the guide.

Tips & Warnings

  • It is possible to re-scan for channels at any point by finishing steps 4 through 7. The scan process retrieves any new networks that may be obtainable in your neighborhood.
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