Antenna channels in my area

Where should I mount my antenna?
February 27, 2020 – 07:20 am
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Ideally, an antenna should be mounted at the point where the signals are the strongest, though often this is impractical or impossible. The antenna should also be mounted where it can be easily serviced should repairs or adjustments be required in the future. There are many acceptable locations where an antenna can be mounted such as on your roof, in your attic, on a wall, on the eave of your house and even on the ground. Having a clear line-of-sight is the most important consideration but carefully “aiming” (orienting) the antenna and adjusting its height often can overcome the problems created by installing it in a slightly weaker signal area.

In a place in which discover a relatively brief, unobstructed sign course between your set up and also the transmitting towers, you are able to install the antenna almost anyplace and get enough signal. While you move deeper into the edge areas however, there could be considerable differences in signal power at various things around your property. This is when cautious antenna choice, precise orienting, and precise modification associated with the level become crucial. Usually you should be able to locate an area where there clearly was both a usable sign and sufficiently quick access toward antenna. Large trees, tall buildings and obstructions can provide reception problems. Nearby high-voltage power lines can also cause disturbance that simply cannot be entirely eradicated. Consequently, the additional the antenna is from large trees, structures, obstructions and high-voltage outlines, the greater the reception would be.

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