What is DTV cable?

DTV Transition Did Not Require Cable Systems to Switch to Digital
August 21, 2016 – 04:01 pm


This year's DTV change required all full-power television broadcast stations to change from an analog to an electronic digital structure. Cable companies had been perhaps not required to make this change.

  • “Digital broadcast” is the method of transmission of broadcast signals over-the-air, while “digital cable” is the way in which some - and even all - of a cable company’s indicators are sent through its cable cables or fiber.
  • Your cable company may offer cable networks in an analog tier yet others in an electronic tier, or it would likely have transitioned to all-digital service in which every one of its stations are transmitted using electronic technology. The decision to carry stations in analog, analog and digital (sometimes referred to as a “hybrid” system), or solely electronic is remaining toward cable business’s discretion. There's no government requirement for just how cable companies transmit their particular signals.
  • When your cable company moves some or all its stations onto an electronic digital service tier, it might alert you you'll want to get “digital cable” gear to carry on obtaining those networks. Your cable organization could also require that you rent from their store a digital cable set-top field or CableCARD, or even to purchase at retail a set-top unit or an electronic digital cable prepared TV built with a CableCARD slot. This digital cable gear is different through the digital-to-analog converter boxes required to obtain broadcast indicators over-the-air. If you have an electronic television, you may be capable see transmitted stations during your cable system without additional gear. You ought to pose a question to your cable organization in regards to the equipment choices which may be accessible to you, including any choices to buy equipment from a retailer.
  • Any analog television maybe not hooked up to cable must use a digital-to-analog converter box to get broadcast signals over-the-air.
Source: www.fcc.gov
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