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Use Android To Find OTA DTV and HDTV Signals For Your TV Antenna
March 4, 2020 – 07:54 am
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Setting up a TV antenna to obtain the best possible signal could prove to be rather an arduous task. TV Antenna Helper (Free) is a handy Android os application for US residents providing you with a substitute for the traditional hit-and-trial approach to locating the best alignment for a TV antenna.

The tool determines your location and displays a list of nearby OTA (over-the-air) HDTV and DTV signals complete with data showing signal strength, direction, distance and frequency band and allows the user to view these results on a map or a compass, all in a few taps.

television Antenna Helper utilizes GPS or your system to determine your local area. You can also form it in by hand. The input area excepts both place brands and GPS coordinates inside the usa.

Once where you are is set, the software displays a list of offered DTV and HDTV signals. Now, you may possibly press/tap the menu button on your own device and choose between chart and compass views.

The compass view, specifically, is extremely convenient. It displays nearby indicators within their appropriate guidelines around a-compass. Pressing menu here displays additional choices, one of that allows the user to hide discerning signals. You might use said option to show just the signals using the best strength. We might recommend calibrating the compass from the compass menu before deploying it to align your television antenna.

The link below together with provided QR signal will take you to definitely the no-cost version of the software containing ads. Additionally there is an ad-free compensated form of the app on the Android marketplace for $0.99.

Source: www.addictivetips.com
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