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Digital TV Signal Meter Review
July 19, 2016 – 08:55 am
DigiAir for the digital
Freeview Digital television Signal Strength Meter

Freeview Signal Meter

Philex SLx - 27867R

  • For Simple Aerial Installation
  • Clear LED Signal Readout
  • Needs PP3 9v Battery (perhaps not supplied)
Most Readily Useful Cost £10.19

television aerial positioning is created easier with a digital television signal meter like Philex SLx - 27867R. It is cheap to buy and a great choice to enhance Freeview reception without incurring an engineer call-out cost.

An inexpensive Freeview sign meter, it comes detailed with a short plug to connect lead fitted with F connectors, one twist-on F connect and a F plug to coaxial connect adaptor. The system has expert F sockets for 'antenna' and 'receiver' and 9 volt battery power (from a PP3 electric battery - not furnished).

Aerial Alignment Recommendations with an indication Meter

Switch the aerial from side to side and raising and lowering its level to quickly attain optimal placement with all the best DVB-T signal. The aerial meter will accurately find the way into the transmitter. A-1 level up-tilt in the mounting associated with the aerial could also enhance reception in low lying 'fringe' locations.

By repositioning a television aerial even by a few foot it is possible to notably enhance Freeview sign strength and an easy electronic television signal meter just like the Slx - 27867R will truly assist have the best aerial overall performance.

Loft aerial set up may be particularly problematic as residence wiring, copper pipelines, water tanks and wall space all reduce signal energy from the transmitter, therefore cautious aerial set up and alignment will become necessary because of the DVB-T sign meter to have reliable Freeview reception. Loft aerials cannot work except in quite strong sign places close to the transmitter. Good quality coaxial cable must be used to feed it aerial.

When aligning the TV aerial more Light-emitting Diode lights tend to be illuminated on the sign meter as total signal strength increases. Aerial adjustment is total when any further DVB sign improvement can be had together with most LED's are illuminated.

Good Freeview reception calls for an electronic digital TV sign standard of between 55dBuV and 60dbuV for best results. The aerial signal meter has LED lights for 50dBuV, 60dbuV, 70dBuV and 80dBuV to help attain ideal sign power for the best electronic television reception - clear of photo pixilation, freezing and dropout.

Philex SLx - 27867R Limitations

There are compromises to understand because of the Philex SLx - 27867R electronic television signal meter - one being that meter shows the typical DVB-T sign from all Freeview digital television multiplexes combined on a rather crude LED readout. This might lack resolution and this reason it might be essential to utilize a Freeview package to optimise a 'problem multiplex' if poor reception impacts just a couple of Freeview stations.

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