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Digital-to-Analog Converter Box Setup (For Viewing Analog and
May 17, 2020 – 04:04 pm
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a/v cables and coaxial wireAnalog TVs can get digital tv (DTV) signals by making use of a “Digital-to-Analog Converter Box” that can be purchased at retail stores. If you want to watch over-the-air programming with an antenna (such as “rabbit ears” on your television or an antenna on your own roof) from channels that broadcast in digital (including full-power programs) and programs that broadcast in analog (eg low-power, Class the or TV translator channels), you need to choose one of several after options:


Alternative 2: buy any Converter package and use either of the after set-ups.

Set-up number 1: Your TV has actually “Audio/Video In” (A/V In) ports:

Materials: you will require your analog television, the antenna you have been using (indoor or outside), and coaxial cable that at this time links your antenna to your television (as pictured regarding the far right). Your new Converter field should come with an extra coaxial line, a collection of A/V cables (three wires with red, white and yellow plugs), and a remote control. If you do not curently have them, you will also must purchase a third coaxial wire and a 2-way splitter. Before you start you ought to unplug your TV.

Step Unplug the coaxial antenna line (wire number 1) from your TV “Antenna In (RF)” interface.

Action Plug wire # 1 to the “In” interface on the 2-way splitter.

Set-up 1, 1: creating Your Digital-to-Analog Converter Box (For watching Analog and Digital Broadcasts)Step Using a moment coaxial cable (cable no. 2), connect one end into the “Out” ports on the 2-way splitter. Plug one other end in to the “Antenna In (RF)” interface on your own TV set.

Step utilizing a 3rd coaxial cable (line #3), plug one end into the other “Out” interface on 2-way splitter. Plug one other end in to the “Antenna In (RF)” slot on your Converter Box.

Step utilizing a collection of A/V cables, plug one end of the cables into the “A/V Out” harbors on Converter container. Match the colors for the plugs on colors of this ports, so that purple plugs into red, white into white, and yellow into yellowish. Plug others end for the cables to the “A/V In” port on your own television set in the same manner. If your television does not have a red interface, leave that cable unplugged on both ends.

Set-up 1, Step 2-4: setting-up Your Digital-to-Analog Converter container (For Viewing Analog and electronic Broadcasts)

Step Plug the power cords on your own Converter package and television into an electrical socket, and turn on your TV and Converter package. To Look At digital broadcasts, set your television to "Movie In.” Using the radio control that came with your Converter package, follow the on-screen set-up help guide to scan for offered DTV stations, and start enjoying the advantages of Digital tv! It is possible to access all readily available digital broadcasts using your converter field as well as its radio control. To watch analog broadcasts, set your television to "TV In." You'll be able to to access all available analog broadcasts through your TV's remote control.

Set up no. 2: Your TV has actually only an “Antenna In” port:

Supplies: you'll need your analog television, the antenna you have been utilizing (interior or outside), and the coaxial cable that at this time links your antenna towards television (as pictured regarding the right). Your Converter package can come with a second coaxial wire and a remote control. If you fail to curently have all of them, you will need certainly to purchase three extra coaxial wires (for a total of five), a 2-way splitter and an A/B switch. Before you start you need to unplug your television.

  • If for example the Converter package includes a “universal remote-control” or you curently have a universal radio control, follow the instructions that include your Converter package to plan the remote to function for the TV as well as the Converter package.
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