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Digital Converter Box Coupon
November 10, 2019 – 09:56 pm
HomeWorx Digital Converter Box

Sorry, the federal government $40 coupon system was over for most months. The "coupons" were actually like pre-paid debit cards that expired 90 days after issue. If you should happen to have one, or if you discover one of these coupons obtainable on Craigslist or Ebay, they've expired and they're pointless.

That being said, you still have a number of options:

Try neighborhood Thrift Store: people usually give them to charity once they no more need converter bins. Garage product sales may a good origin, as individuals update their old TVs. They generally is going to be missing their particular handheld remote control device, but you can purchase an alternative for around ten dollars. Craigslist dot org is an excellent origin, you can also decide to try Ebay making use of our Auction-bot link at the end with this Forum web page.

If you're close to the Canadian or Mexican border and at this time obtain analog signals from international programs, or if you have been receiving a LP analog translator, the Converter package needs to have a purpose called "analog pass thru" because of it to get those programs. For example, the Channel Master CM-7000 does not have this particular feature. Many Canadian and Mexican programs are actually changing to electronic or they will in the future.

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