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RCA debuts new line of portable ATSC
September 11, 2019 – 11:57 pm
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RCA is First to Launch brand new distinct Portable tv Products for Easy Reception of Both traditional and Mobile Digital TV Broadcasts

Brand new Mobile Phone Pouch television Hybrids Get Dual Broadcast Indicators While On-the-Go
2011 Global CES

LAS VEGAS-(BUSINESS WIRE)-With almost 70 television broadcasters today transferring Mobile Digital television indicators to watchers in markets throughout the nation, RCA is releasing a brand new line of portable electronic television sets having the ability of obtaining both Mobile DTV and standard electronic TV indicators. Four new items for mobile consumers will be readily available, including 3.5" and 7" pocket tvs and a forward thinking automobile tuner for car infotainment systems.

The latest sets and car tuner/receiver is visible on 2011 International CES at both the RCA display in Central Hall (#13338) as well as the "CES Unveiled" press preview later this afternoon starting at 4PM at the Venetian Hotel. Photographer associated with brand new RCA designs can be obtained at .

Battery-operated portable TV sets virtually disappeared with the transition to all-digital broadcasting, and the new RCA products are the first to offer consumers the reception convenience of either regular or mobile broadcasts transmitted by local TV stations.

"Our brand new Portable TVs is the very first handheld crossbreed television receivers in the U.S. market, together with brand-new mobile phone DTV functionality enables people to enjoy a common programs as well as neighborhood development, climate, and sports anywhere they're going. Whether seeing on a train, within the seat of a car, or just relaxing in the home, RCA pocket television sets will be perfect companions, " stated Chris Lee, vice-president of product sales and advertising for Digital flow, the RCA licensee that is manufacturing and promoting the latest items. "Our company is closely keeping track of the rollout of mobile phone DTV marketplace by marketplace, and we also will work with merchants that are thinking about bringing these brand new choices to viewers, " Lee said.

Mobile phone DTV is a unique service available nowadays from nearly 70 neighborhood TV broadcasters, and watchers can examine local solution accessibility in the "Signal Map" loss of regional over-the-air stations are updating gear to transfer the powerful digital signals, which are created for "on the go" reception wherever watchers want to watch local development, weather condition, sports, traffic, and favorite activity programs. While digital television ended up being made for fixed reception in rabbit-ear prepared living spaces, Mobile DTV is optimized private viewing on handheld devices (although a viewer is within the backseat of a car or on a moving train.)

The new line-up of RCA portable televisions includes three different types of crossbreed portable tvs in 3.5" and 7" display sizes and a small Mobile DTV vehicle Tuner Receiver built to add live television signals to current car infotainment methods:

3.5" crossbreed Portable Television - Model DMT335R (suggested retail cost $109), with a brilliant Light-emitting Diode backlit LCD screen, hybrid ATSC or Mobile DTV reception, AC energy or around 4 hours of playback time on rechargeable AA electric batteries, real time signal strength signal, sealed captioning capacity, easel-back stand, English/Spanish display and monopole antenna.

3.5" Hybrid Portable Television - Model DMT336R (recommended retail cost $149), with a widescreen, ultra-bright Light-emitting Diode backlit LCD display screen, crossbreed ATSC or Cellphone DTV reception, FM radio reception, AC power or as much as 4 hours of playback time on internal Lithium Polymer electric battery, real time alert power signal, sealed captioning ability, easel-back stand, English/Spanish screen and monopole antenna.

7" crossbreed lightweight Television - Model DMT270R (suggested retail cost $169), with an 800x480 high quality widescreen LCD screen featuring 500:1 contrast ratio, hybrid ATSC or mobile phone DTV reception, AC power or to 3 hours of playback time on integral Lithium Polymer battery pack that may charge while plugged directly into a wall outlet or car energy origin, real-time signal strength indicator, closed captioning capability, easel-back stand, English/Spanish screen and 360 level flexible antenna.

Pocket mobile phone DTV automobile Tuner Receiver – Model DMT3BR (proposed retail cost $119), featuring a discrete design that is smaller than a deck of cards, hybrid ATSC or Cellphone DTV reception, run on car charger, easy connection to the car infotainment system's sound and video feedback jacks, handy remote control, and a monopole antenna.

About Digital Flow:

About Digital Stream: Digital flow, Inc. is situated in Korea and the organization's U.S. businesses have been in Santa Fe Springs, California. Digital flow's sales, marketing and circulation capabilities descends from its part in supplying the largest U.S. share of electronic converter set-top boxes for 2009 electronic TV transformation system. Digital flow is a licensee associated with the RCA brand name from Technicolor.

Source: www.engadget.com
SUPERSONIC INC. SuperSonic Portable Widescreen LCD Display with Digital TV Tuner, USB/SD Inputs and AC/DC Compatible for RVs, 7-Inch
  • 7-inch widescreen LCD TV; built-in digital TV tuner; built-in USB & SD card reader allows you to play any external device
  • Built-in lithium rechargeable battery; selectable screen mode: 16:9; 800 x 480 resolution; on screen display
  • 2 x AV input jacks; rotary rod antenna; earphone jack; built-in speakers; AC/DC operation: watch your favorite shows at home or on the go
  • Full function remote control; power: UL approved adapter: AC 100-240v-, 50/60Hz and DC 9-12 volt compatibility; maximum power consumption: 18W; input terminals:...
  • Accessories: remote control, removable stand, AC adapter, DC car charger, audio/video cables, external antenna and instruction manual
RCA RCA 7-Inch Smart Portable TV with Built-in Android Tablet
Personal Computer (RCA)
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, 7-inch Display
  • Potable tablet with built in TV function
  • Built-in 8GB, NAND Flash,32 GB Flash Memory
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for 2 hours of TV time and 6.5 hours of tablet time
  • Headphone out and built-in speakers
RCA RCA DPTM70R 7-Inch 60Hz 480 x 234 LED-Backlit LCD TV (Black)
Home Theater (RCA)
  • 7-Inch Bright LED Backlit LCD Display
  • Receive Free off-air DTV Channels
  • Receive Current Analog NTSC Channels
  • SD Flash Drive and USB supports Jpeg, MP3, MPEG 1,2,4, Divx
  • 2+ hour play time with Lithium Poly Rechargeable Battery
AXESS Axess 7-Inch, LCD TV with ATSC Tuner, Rechargeable Battery and USB/SD Inputs, TV1703-7
Home Theater (AXESS)
  • 7-inch Widescreen LCD TV
  • Resolution: 400 x 234 ( Max: 800 x 480)
  • Built-in Lithium Rechargeable Battery last 1.5 - 2 hours depending on use. Built-in speakers and built in earphone jack
  • Full function remote control. This product only has a AC power supply.
  • IMPORTANT: Device has an ON/OFF switch on the lower left side that must be turned on prior to charging and use
AXESS Axess 13.3-Inch LED HDTV, Includes AC/DC TV, DVD Player, HDMI/SD/USB Inputs, TVD1801-13
Home Theater (AXESS)
  • Max Resolution: 1366×768
  • Contrast Ratio: 500:1
  • 12V Car Cord Technology
  • Built-in Cable/Antenna RF jack, Audio/Video, PC-RGB (VGA), PC Audio Jack, USB Input, HDMI port, Earphone Audio Jack, Coaxial Output Jack, CVBS Input
  • Full function remote control. This product only has a AC power supply.
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