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Africa: Niceties of Digital TV
October 17, 2015 – 08:47 am
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By Godlove Bainkong

Beijing — The huge network operator and content supplier for TV broadcasting recently hosted the 6th African Digital tv Development Seminar in Beijing, China.

China's many influential and something of the world's best system integrator, technology provider, community operator and content supplier in tv broadcasting business - StarTimes group, has actually presented a medley of options for Africa which could assist the continent effectively switchover from analogue to electronic broadcasting in order to enjoy the benefits of the mutation. The Chinese international news team on June 23-25, 2016 hosted the 6th African Digital television developing Seminar in Beijing on theme, "Making Digital TV much more obtainable and enjoyable in Africa" with more than 140 media stakeholders from some 35 countries in attendance. The discussion board was to share switchover opportunities (financing, technology and content build-up) with the expectation of arming the continent to satisfy the latest due date next of 2015 written by the Overseas Telecommunications Union strike the stones.

Financing The Mutation

StarTimes group through the various presentations that characterized the Beijing workshop informed African media stakeholders that different governing bodies could both embrace the Public/Private Partnership Model or go in for concessional loans to effectively go electronic. The previous provides space for mutually-beneficial agreements wherein the operator funds, carries from mutation and operates the channels for a while before handing all of them up to federal government. Here, StarTimes pledged her preparedness the self-financing part. With this specific, StarTimes will be the project's constructor, the issuance of permits and frequencies will probably be the responsibility of the State and the Project's Operation could be through a joint endeavor amongst the outfit and federal government. Meanwhile, their professionals in addition encouraged African governing bodies to go in for concessional financial loans with all the federal government of Asia to comprehend the dream. These loans with a 2 percent interest, they stated, could have a 20-year payment period with a five-eight year period of sophistication. Profitability is assured through transmission cost from alert distribution for regional TV channels, registration charge from terminal clients and advertising revenue through the advertisement clients, several of who is brand-new investors attracted into business because of the technological advancement.

Source: allafrica.com
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