TV Aerial Troubleshooting

EE TV aerial troubleshooting guide
August 30, 2016 – 08:09 am
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If you're having issues picking right on up all of the channels for sale in your neighborhood or with the quality of your digital TV service, see our guide the following for lots more help.

Check your set-up

Seems easy, but check you've linked an aerial cable betwixt your aerial and also the IN socket on your EE TV.

If you are making use of a wall plug, please make use of the aerial cable and aerial adaptor (if needed) to get in touch to the IN plug.

If EE television worked before, make sure the cable hasn't become loose and therefore it really is still in good shape.

Look at your television aerial

Set-top field aerials can provide a digital TV signal, but we advice a roof aerial. The signal might be also weak from an indoor or mobile aerial to get a beneficial high quality image and/or full range of networks available. They are able to additionally be affected by other electric products in your home. If this is your only option, try moving the aerial up to feasible and also as near to a window as you can.

Old or faulty aerials or aerial cable are typical factors that cause digital television issues. So, always check you have an excellent quality roof top or loft aerial. If you want expert assistance, we advice you employ an installer signed up with either:

Boosters, attenuators and splitters

If you've got a booster, attenuator or splitter connected to your aerial, try removing it as a test (if it's not installed on your roof). Should this ben't possible, try switching along the gain and find out if this helps. A booster might causing some disruption into the sign in powerful alert places. The end result could possibly be the same with a splitter in weak signal areas.

Connector problem (real damage, corrosion, water damage and mold)

Any harm to a connector could cause signal problems.

May be the aerial pointing in the proper direction into transmitter

Is the aerial pointing in the same path as your neighbours aerials? Can be your aerial pointing in the same manner (horizontal or straight) as the neighbours aerials? Or even, this might be the problem.

Could it be a wall plug or direct cable link

Will there be a socket regarding wall surface or a cable taken from the wall. If you are connecting to a cable coming out of the wall surface, be sure the aerial connector regarding end for the cable is not loose. Utilize the cable supplied, if possible.

Signs and symptoms of water damage and mold on the cable connector or STB ports

Features indeed there been water damage and mold to your of this cables or connections? In that case, you ought to get all of them replaced.

Signal amounts

Signal levels are important (Strength & high quality). You can examine this from your own EE TV box:

  1. Hit the MENU key on the EE television remote.
  2. Hit the up arrow on your remote (this is the one above OK) to emphasize the very best selection.
  3. Go to TOOLS & ASSIST by pressing the proper arrow on your remote.
  4. Push the down and right arrow to highlight SETTINGS and hit OK.
  5. Go right (using the best arrow) to television SIGNAL & HIGH QUALITY.
  6. Make use of the down arrow to highlight RECEPTION INFO and hit okay.
  7. The energy and high quality figures is at least 60per cent.
  8. The BER (little Error ratio) should always be at zero or only feasible.
  9. In the event that BER is higher than zero, after that there could be a challenge between EE TV box additionally the aerial on your roofing - check always all connections and wiring that you are able to see and reach.

Re-tune your EE television

If you have only fixed problematic with your aerial cable establish or perhaps you've bought a unique aerial, a quick re-tune helps get you ready to go.

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