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Time Warner Cable customers will soon need a converter box on
July 19, 2019 – 05:47 pm
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The full time Warner Cable company on Fair Lakes path in DeWitt. The business is transitioning most of its cable methods to all-digital communities.

Syracuse, N.Y. — Time Warner Cable customers will quickly no longer be able to plug their particular cable line straight into their televisions and accept solution without a set-top box or electronic adapter.

The cable business recently notified customers into the Hudson Valley that it'll be going "all digital" beginning March 15. Time Warner stated the move will take back system capacity so that it provides dramatically faster net rates, but will also require clients to make use of a set-top box or adapter on all their tvs.

Nathalie Burgos, a spokeswoman the business, stated the change will impact Central nyc consumers, also, but that time of switch here has not however already been completed.

Time Warner Cable customers will soon require a set-top box or an electronic adapter just like the one pictured above on all of their televisions. The switch is a component of this company's transition to all-digital solution.Time Warner Cable

Presently, consumers in Central nyc can obtain about 70 networks by plugging their particular cable lines straight into their particular televisions, without routing the cable through a set-top box or adapter. All the channels, except for a few neighborhood broadcast programs, come in standard meaning, although the client subscribes to at least one of this business's digital packages.

The company has constantly needed customers to utilize a set-top box to receive its electronic packages, which function a lot more than 200 video clip networks, many in hi-def, and nearly 50 music networks. At this time, those boxes cost $11.75 a month to hire — much more if boxes feature a built-in electronic video recorder.

However, many customers to its electronic packages only make use of a set-top converter box on one or two televisions in their homes and acquire by with just minimal service on the various other sets by plugging all of them directly into the cable line.

Time Warner said customers have a choice of renting a digital adapter, a smaller sized, simpler box that will allow them for equivalent approximately 70 mostly standard definition channels they now will get without the box.

In Hudson Valley, clients who order one or more adapters by Oct. 23 can get them free-of-charge until June 30, 2017. After that, they have to pay for the prevailing month-to-month cost, which is at this time $3.25.

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