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March 6, 2020 – 08:00 am
Review: Homeworx HD Digital
Digital converter better than paying cable published by: MEME from: on This electronic converter is useful, a lot better than I expected. I've been extremely astonished whatsoever the stations Im able to get. Got therefore tired of purchasing satellite tv, this works for myself!

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Provides much more options than RCA Posted by: NCGurl from: NC on i acquired this expecting the fundamentals that RCA provided-just to have basic neighborhood channels with fundamental choices for display. I could get ION and QVC/ other shopping networks including Bounce television. The the volume option in the remote (the converter) really works (it don't utilize RCA)! Lower the quantity on the television remote and raise the volume regarding the converter remote for crisper sound. Whenever flipping stations it displays just what program is on and underneath it lists the program that is approaching after that. I paired this with the same brand fundamental antenna and discover stronger results than using the RCA brand. Naturally results be determined by what your location is found but I do discover that this converter provides more in configuration. Check always mark the "accept Daylight Savings Time" box for many precise time, if appropriate. A genuine great deal to access good tv.

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I anticipate better published by: IAmNotAmused from: New York, NY on My very first Insignia DTV converter exhibited a tips field on station 11-3 which obscured the display screen and I got stuck in 21 networks, the container ended responding, must change it to work through the glitch. The second DTV converter does not indiscriminately show a tips box, however it is very difficult to change channels, (pressing an option can change the box off, or the box will undoubtedly be slow to react, or will not respond after all, ) rarely shows relevant information regarding teaches you're seeing, (information from early in the day at night will still be shown 6 hours later on, ) and does not allow you to come back to formerly seen networks, (you must scroll through every channel or by hand enter the station.) My first DTV converter was a Maganavox and when i really could discover another, i'd get it in a heartbeat. I'm very sorry to state that I DON'T ADVOCATE Insignia. Numerous networks does not replace with it is unwieldiness and unreliability.

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It's very skilled Posted by: JKEIIT96 from: Chicago IL on once I first bought an Insignia Digital TV Converter package, it proved with the capacity of receiving all stations and even some more that I didn't know been around. This new Insignia wasn't rather because capable as that old Insignia Digital Converter, but had been a lot better than RCA, and some other off companies I bought for myself, and in addition my buddy. You have to get a high quality POWERED antenna, along with your cables must certanly be of top quality in order to make the thing work. Linking to a VCR proved problematic, as you required the VCR the converter, and the television on to be able to watch television at all.

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Worth every penny published by: Brian from: to my wife and I also lack cable or dish therefore we wished some thing to nevertheless watch love Tv!!! This is the only field that I heard good stuff about and also offered a good antenna sign ability!!!

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Do not purchase this Posted by: EmJay from: Pittsburgh PA regarding the very first one i got myself (when within the air stations changed) was also by Insignia also it worked really, so when it ended working I returned to Best Buy and purchased truly the only design they had within the shop. It had been additionally Insignia thus I got it having had a significant experience with initial. The very first problem is you cannot connect component cables so that the image is junk. The sign is terrible while i am making use of the exact same antennae which used to do pretty much. One other big problem could be the choices on remote. To see just what others programs tend to be pulling in you need to go fully into the selection which then mutes the noise. There's no "last" option nor a "favorite" key. How would the first box available be the more evolved of the two?

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The container does precisely what its designed to do. Published by: Shopperman from: on works great. clear crisp photo. It would happen great if government had been nevertheless having to pay 50%. The remote works superior to the initial. Simple setup Posted by: AudioPro from: Southeast Texas on plus an electronic antenna, this device permits environment reception of several of one's standard TV programs. Please look at your regional listing to ascertain what you could in fact receive. Within our case, we get all 4 significant systems, a number of their particular affiliates plus our regional general public broadcasting affiliate. All in digital HD high quality. OK, so it is perhaps not satellite or premium cable, it's not going to allow you to get countless networks, nevertheless reception is HD, you've got an acceptable collection of stations and . . . ITS COMPLIMENTARY. Installation is basically connect and play. Plug it in, follow the upon display guidelines watching your TV. That is a great alternative if you should be on a tight budget or, for that matter, any moment or any place you ought to transform an RF signal to DTV.
Digital Converter Box + Flat Antenna + HDMI Cable for Recording & Viewing Full HD Digital Channels for FREE (Instant & Scheduled Recording, DVR, 1080P, HDMI Output, 7 Day Program Guide & LCD Screen)
Home Theater (eXuby®)
  • Watch FREE DIGITAL channels on your HDTV, Tube TV, LCD, LED, Projector, etc. - Multiple outputs: HDMI, Component, Coaxial and RCA - With the LCD screen you will...
  • Sit back and ENJOY the pristine 1080p FULL HD resolution - Or watch at the resolution your heart desires: 1080p, 1080i, 720p and 576p
  • Got to leave in the middle of your program? Just PUSH RECORD/PAUSE - Not going to be home to watch your favorite show? Just SCHEDULE IT for recording
  • You will ALWAYS KNOW EXACTLY what s playing for the NEXT 7 DAYS thanks to the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) - Also, plug in your hard drive and watch MOVIES, listen...
  • 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Purchase your Digital Converter Box and if you are not satisfied send it back within 30 days for a FULL REFUND. NO QUESTIONS ASKED...
Digital Converter Box + Digital Antenna + RCA Cable - Complete Bundle to View and Record HD Channels For FREE Instant or Scheduled Recording, 1080P HDTV, and HDMI Output
Home Theater (eXuby®)
  • WATCH FREE DIGITAL CHANNELS - On your HDTV, tube TV, LCD, LED, projector etc. - Multiple outputs: HDMI, component, coaxial and RCA - With the LCD screen you will...
  • 1080P FULL HD RESOLUTION - Sit back and enjoy pristine video quality - Or adjust the resolution to your heart s desires: 1080p, 1080i, 720p and 576p
  • TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR PROGRAMS - Have to leave in the middle of your program? Not going to be home to watch your favorite show? You can pause, record, or schedule...
  • ALWAYS KNOW WHAT S PLAYING - Use the electronic program guide (EPG) to know every show and movie and when it is on 7 days in advance - Also, plug in your hard drive...
  • 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Purchase your Digital Converter Box and if you are not satisfied send it back within 30 days for a FULL REFUND. NO QUESTIONS ASKED...
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i plugged my computer to my tv, and i don't have a controller to switch between the two. so i need a television program.

You might check out Slingbox. It might be a couple of hundred which I would guess is more than you want to pay but it will not only let you watch tv and video sources on your computer but also let you watch from anywhere you have a good internet connection. The sling connection will go back to your computer and the slingbox and you can watch your local tv or if you have a dvd player hooked up (I have a sony 400 disc machine) you can select and watch any dvd you want. You should be able to get one from Best Buy.

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