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Sling TV is making a box to stream free local TV channels
August 6, 2016 – 02:41 pm
Adam Mayers (l) and Chris

While Aereo ended up being shut down for reselling OTA television solution across web, AirTV shouldn't pose any difficulty for Sling television. You are relying on your own antenna, all things considered - the container just streams an indication which is legally available to any personal consumer. It really is ambiguous how the OTA channels will integrate into Sling TV's station guide, but hopefully they don't seem also out of place.

Sling TV formerly bundled OTA antennas along with its solution, with the hope that customers would access neighborhood networks outside of the Sling app. The AirTV box could be the logical next thing, giving you a method to view those channels anywhere you have access to Sling TV. Resources tell Zats maybe not Funny the company is working on a few new devices. It seems just like the AirTV can only just capture and spit television indicators online, therefore it is easy to imagine another package that can be attached to a TV and serve as a standalone Sling television answer.

While Sling won't have to worry about certification stations with AirTV, its simple existence could potentially cause some rubbing along with its broadcast community relationships. Not to mention, OTA reception varies wildly dependent on your geographical area and also the top-notch your antenna. AirTV likely defintely won't be as easy to setup as Aereo, nonetheless it might just be exactly what numerous cable blades need.

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