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January 4, 2020 – 02:20 am
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Exterior digital television Tuner HDTV receiver and cable set top field (stb) QAM or ATSC with HDMI, component, s-video and composite video outputs, shut captions and RF analog move across.

The DCT210 is a state-of-the-art 8VSB, 8VSB MP@ML, unscrambled "Clear" QAM electronic TV tuner for ATSC terrestrial Over The Air (OTA) reception utilizing inside or roof antennas. Additionally, it is HD/SD Cable receiver for use together with your regional CATV solution. Obvious (unencrypted) QAM Cable signals needed!

The DCT210, ATSC antenna television tuner otherwise QAM cable TV tuner and receiver, may also take high or standard definition, 8VSB digital signal, and convert it to analog video and audio output thus allowing use of old analog TVs. This HDTV receiver functions 4 separate outputs: (1) Composite, S-Video and Component HDTV analog outputs which makes it compatible with analog TV units and HDMI production for watching completely high definition electronic tvs.

As well as its Stereo result, the DCT210 HDTV cable field functions Optical digital sound pass-through for Surround noise receivers or dedicated audio amplifiers.

The RF pass-trough result at the rear of the machine allows you to connect the receiver to TVs with analog TV tuners.

The DCT210 features a user-friendly set up guide that allows for simple channel mapping and set up. It is compatible with all Plasma Tvs, LCD monitors, Projection Tvs, Video projectors and regular analog TVs or monitors. (Verification of the A/V receiver aided by the tuner is required before purchasing).

Utilize as:
• Antenna television Tuner (Digital Antenna TV Receiver)
• Digital Cable Television Tuner (Digital Cable TV Receiver)
• Use additionally As Digital television Adapter (DTA) For Unencrypted Digital Cable to Analog Cable

Typical Programs for Additional TV Tuners:
• Track television Tuner (Monitor television Receiver)
• Projector television Tuner (Projector television Receiver)
• Home Theatre TV Tuner (Home Entertainment television Receiver)
• Digital television Tuner for HDTV Prepared Analog TVs

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  • Tunes and decodes all 18 approved ATSC/8VSB DTV broadcast platforms
  • QAM unscrambled "obvious" electronic HD TV tuner Cable receiver (need Clear QAM unencrypted networks)
  • ATSC digital HD TV tuner over the air receiver (to be used with indoor or outdoor digital antennas.)
  • Signal high quality Meter (exhibited bar represents SNR)
  • Hi-def: Selectable DTV Result resolution (480i/720p/1080i)
  • Aspect proportion control in 4:3 and 16:9 mode
  • HDMI, Component (YPbPr), S-Video and Composite (CVBS) video outputs
  • Stereo Analog sound result - RCA jacks
  • Digital Audio Optical production - Stereo 2.1 and encircle Sound Pass Through
  • Built-in selector switch for channel 3 or 4 Digital to Analog Down Converter via RF production (could work as government converter box)
  • Easy graphical user interface: On screeen setup wizard On-Screen Menu
  • Simple Electronic System Guide (EPG)
  • Car or handbook scan of programmed networks: unparalleled station mapping options
  • V-CHIP (parents control) & Closed Captions
  • Support English, French, Spanish multi-languages
  • Advanced rest timer
  • Really compact in size

Terrestrial Reception

Topographic conditions including climate and sun task have great influence on TV terrestrial reception range. Choosing the proper antenna for your place should determine the reception range and display quality associated with the DCT210. Find out more on this subject.
Choosing the proper antenna and products.
Terrestrial digital reception issues.
DTV Multipath Interference.
Cliff Effect in terrestrial electronic reception.

Satellite Tv Providers Compatibility

The DCT210 is compatible with Clear QAM networks of significant cable operators such as for instance Cablevision techniques Corporation, Charter Communications, Cox Communications, Mediacom Communications Corp. and Time Warner Cable.

For maximum pleasure we highly advise to get hold of your Cable Operator and verify the obvious QAM stations offered throughout your neighborhood service.
See the variety of providers.

More Info

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Special Utilizes

The DCT210 Terrestrial off-air additional HDTV tuner and Clear QAM Cable receiver is a wonderful product for use with projectors and monitors featuring HDMI, Component and Composite inputs. The television tuner provide exemplary image and crispy stereo noise. Very helpful with Projectors, DVD recorders and VCRs without built-in TV tuner!

Listen In To Digital Channels Only:

The DCT210 is an electronic digital television tuner and will tune in simply to traditional Digital (SD) or hd (HD) Digital stations. To view the old analog stations (this is the lower band, old networks 1-99) an ANALOG tuner is needed.

The DCT210 features Antenna (or cable television) pass through function. While the DCT210 is in the stand by position mode the antenna or satellite tv indicators will reroute towards television analog tuner through television Out connector.

When your television or projector won't have an analog TV tuner and also you nevertheless like to understand fundamental program analog channels you have to use an exterior analog tuner for instance the CATV5 or the CATV6.

Viewtv AT-263 ATSC Digital TV Converter Box Bundle with ViewTV 25 Mile Flat HD Digital Indoor TV Antenna and HDMI Cable w/ Recording PVR Function / HDMI Out / Coaxial Out / Composite Out / USB Input
CE (ViewTV)
  • Function: Convert your Digital Broadcast to your Analog TV and Analog Pass Through with Antenna
  • Output: HDMI 1080P Output / YPbPr output / Coaxial Output / RF Out (QAM NOT officially supported)
  • Features: Auto Tuning, Program guide, Recording PVR, Closed Caption, Favorite Channel List and Parental Control Function
  • In the Box: ViewTV AT-263 , ViewTV 25 Mile Antenna with stand, new Upgraded Remote, 1 Composite cable, 1 HDMI Cable (Signal Meter NOT included)
  • USB Multimedia Player: Plays Divx, AVI, MKV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264/AVC, VOB, MOV, FLV, and VC-1
Momoday ATSC Digital TV Converter Box on Analog Television with Media Player & Recording Functions for US, Canada & Mexico - HDMI YPbPr RCA Coaxial Outputs for Easy Connecting
Personal Computer (Momoday)
  • With this converter box, you can watch HD & digital program without a new TV. Never miss your favorite shows and set up the PVR to record programs or pause in...
  • Enjoy multimedia on a big screen insert a USB drive(32GB Max.) to view photos, watch videos & listen to music.
  • Easy to set up connect your ATSC antenna and your TV via HDMI, YPbPr, RCA or Coaxial Outputs. Search your local ATSC signal, then you can begin watching digital...
  • Find and save channels to see what s on with the program guide! Surf a list of favorite stations!
  • Converts digital ATSC signal to your analog TV, support Real-Time recording & Programmed-Time recording; Compliant for north america, Canada USA and Mexico...
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