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How to Hook Up a Digital TV Antenna Converter With a DVD Player
December 31, 2019 – 02:02 am
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Use an audio/video cable to attach your DVD player towards tv.All associated with the tv broadcast signals sent from full-power channels changed from analog to digital on Summer 12, 2009. However, don't assume all television set is capable of showing electronic signals. These TVs need a digital-to-analog converter field, or something also known as a converter box or DTV converter field, hooked in their mind so that you can watch tv programming. If you too have a DVD player, this completely separate link cannot have the converter box.


Switch off and unplug the electronic converter package, DVD player and TV. Place the DTV field and also the DVD player on or close to the tv.

Step Two

Use the coaxial cable currently attached to the television from your antenna down and link it to your straight back associated with the DTV field's "Antenna In" jack. Make use of the second coaxial cable to connect the "Out to TV" regarding converter field to the "Antenna In" regarding the back associated with tv.


Connect one end of the RCA audio/video cable towards straight back of this DVD player in addition to various other end towards the television. Make use of the "A/V Out" jacks from the DVD player together with "A/V In" jacks on the tv. Insert the red connector at a negative balance jack, the white when you look at the white jack therefore the yellow in yellowish jack on both finishes associated with the cable.

Step 4

Plug the DTV converter field and TV into a wall outlet and switch all of them on. Proceed with the directions provided with the electronic television converter package to finish the set up, which typically calls for checking for stations. Most cardboard boxes provide on-screen instructions.

Action 5

Start the DVD player and insert a DVD. Replace the "feedback" or "Origin" on your television to look at the DVD.

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