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How do I Connect a Magnavox Digital Converter to a Dish Network DVR?
January 30, 2016 – 01:12 pm

Transform digital broadcasts into an analog sign with an RCA digital converter box.Magnavox electronic converter cardboard boxes are used to transform digital television broadcast indicators into analog format. Because all full-power TV stations into the U.S. today just broadcast digital TV indicators, this transformation is necessary to provide analog television sets with all the capacity to decode over-the-broadcast TV signals. Many Dish system DVRs have an integrated analog (NTSC) including digital (ATSC) tuner. When you yourself have a Dish DVR linked to your analog TV, it is possible to connect a TV antenna right to the DVR and make use of the DVR it self as a converter. Or you can connect a converter box toward DVR.


Insert the coaxial cable, that is attached to the TV antenna, into the RF "Ant. In" terminal on the straight back of this Magnavox converter. Safe the cable's connection to the terminal by twisting the screw-on connector, which encompasses the cable's connect, clockwise until tight.

Step Two

Make use of an unbiased coaxial cable for connecting the converter's RF "Ant. Out" terminal to your television set's RF "Antenna" feedback terminal.

Step Three

Plug the converter field's cord into an electrical socket. Start the TV and converter field. Tune the TV to channel 3. The converter box "Setup Wizard" automatically opens when the converter box is set up for the first time


Proceed with the on-screen prompts to choose your chosen language and also to perform a station scan to plan the converter field's channel memory.

Action 5

Disconnect the coaxial cable attached to the TV set's RF "Antenna" feedback terminal.

Keep the contacts that connect the DVR to the television set in place.

Link the TV antenna's coaxial cable towards the RF "Ant. In" terminal in the back of the Magnavox converter.

Connect one end of a completely independent coaxial cable to the converter's RF "Ant. Out" terminal. Connect another end of this cable to the RF "TV Antenna / Cable In" terminal regarding back associated with the Dish Network DVR.

Use another coaxial cable to get in touch the DVR's RF "television Ch. 3 - 4" production terminal towards the television set's RF "Antenna" input terminal.

Plug the converter field's power cord into an electric outlet. Switch on the TV, DVR and converter box. Tune the TV to station 3.

Press "Menu" from the Dish system handheld remote control.

Choose "System Setup." Pick "Installation" (this only pertains to some DVR designs). Choose "Scan Locals." Whenever encouraged to pick "Analog, " "Digital" or "Both, " select "Both" (this just pertains to some DVR models).

Choose "Yes" to start the scan. Pick "Done" after the scan.


  • If the Magnavox converter field had been previously put up, it is possible to miss out the very first part. In place of connecting the converter package towards the DVR, you can simply link a TV antenna directly to the DVR's RF "TV Antenna / Cable In" terminal. Tune it to channel 3. Then stick to the guidelines as outlined in the last area, "plan DVR for Local-Off-Air Channels."
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