Free to air antenna setup

Free To Air (FTA) Satellite Dish setup
July 25, 2019 – 06:17 pm

I bought every little thing using ebay, We obtained everything all at one time and rapidly with free delivery.

FTA Satellite Dish 33" with installing equipment $70, HD ready KU musical organization LNB $8, DVBS2 HD Generic FTA Receiver with HDMI $55, RG6 100ft Coaxial Cable $10.

I made a decision not to ever install the meal quietly of the house but rather made a free of charge standing base for dish utilizing 2x4's. Once you choose an area for your dish verify it's away from obstructions amongst the meal therefore the satellite. Run the RG6 Coaxial cable through the area back into where receiver and tv are. It's easiest to set up the mast before sliding the dish on it, bearing in mind that the mast ought to be set up perfectly vertical. I used a little level to test my mast before tightening it down. next install the LNB onto the dish and skew it for the satellite. After you have done that slide the dish on the mast and adjust the level (up/down) from what it must be for your place. Most dish supports have marks on it to indicate this. After the Elevation is adjusted tighten it down and utilizing your compass point your dish toward your satellite (left/right) Azimuth. Connect and check the signal in the receiver and adjust left/right to get the most readily useful sign and then tighten up down. There are many tutorials online for installing and tuning a satellite if you need more information check them away.

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