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February 8, 2016 – 08:20 am
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The outcomes of offered networks and Prime Time programming locally is an estimation in line with the location details entered together with location of the television transmitters in that area ( < 35 miles; 35-50 kilometers; and 50-60 kilometers), and it is perhaps not assured.

The calculated sign power shown in this chart is determined utilizing multiple aspects, including an antenna level of (25), distance from broadcast towers transmitter energy, terrain obstructions, curvature regarding the world, and other aspects that affect signal availability. Your particular location will likely be special when it comes to regional terrain, foliage, and installation details that will influence your reception.

These results should always be accustomed estimate exactly what stations you could be prepared to obtain based upon the area details with an antenna put at a height of around 25. Most installments will demand some optimization when it comes to antenna type, high quality, and positioning.

HD Antenna Indoor and Outdoor With Amplifier for Over The Air HDTV Broadcast Waterproof UV Resistant Watch HDTV Without Cable Box or Satellite 50 Mile Range UHF and VHF Frequency 10 Ft Coax Cable
CE (Turcom)
  • HDTV Antenna for indoor or outdoor use. This antenna can pick up UHF Signal Range of 470-870 MHz and VHF Signal Range of 47-230 MHz
  • With this antenna, you no longer need to pay hefty cable or satellite service monthly fees. Watch free over the air HDTV channels mandated by law.
  • Durable and heavy duty antenna can be used indoors or outdoors. It is waterproof and has UV resistant coating for rugged outdoor usage. Included wall mount allows...
  • Signal Pick Up Range of Up to 50 Miles. Comes with high directionality and state of the art low noise amplifier technology for clear TV viewing.
  • Comes with antenna, multi-directional base, wall mounting kit, pole mounting kit, 10 foot coaxial cable, AC adaptor and user manual.
MyGica MyGica A681 USB ATSC HDTV Tuner with Mini TV Antenna
Personal Computer (MyGica)
  • Watch Live Free over the Air TV on your PC or Laptop anywhere you go with the Free ArcSoft TotalMedia Live TV Viewing Software for Windows
  • Comes with free mini TV antenna and remote , USB 2.0 TV Stick that can schedule live TV recording on your PC Via the Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Watch, pause, fast forwarding and rewind live TV. True HD time-shifting function that can pause and replay live TV shows by simply pressing the Pause button and...
  • Please know that - Our tuner works with all version of windows. it does not work on Mac PC. Our tuner only works for over the air TV signals not for cable service...
  • For heat issue, Manufacturer Mygica checked the heat issue at factory and found they are in the allowable range.
Tablo Tablo 2-Tuner Digital Video Recorder [DVR] for Over-The-Air [OTA] HDTV with Wi-Fi for LIVE TV Streaming
Home Theater (Tablo)
  • Watch, Record, Pause, and Stream Free Broadcast [OTA] HDTV Channels: CBS, ABC, NBC, and more
  • Two Tuners allow you to record and watch two different programs on up to (6) devices in your home
  • With TabloConnect Subscription you can stream your hometown news and sports when traveling
  • NO HDMI with Tablo s Wi-Fi wireless broadcast of content to Tablets, Laptops, FireTV, AppleTV, Roku, Android TV, Chromecast, iPhones, Galaxy Smartphones, NVIDIA...
  • ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT REQUIRED (not included): HDTV Antenna, USB Hard Drive (to Record), Wi-Fi Router, Computer / Tablet, Smartphone, and Internet Connection for...
AVANTEK TV Antenna, AVANTEK Amplified Digital TV Aerial Indoor Freeview HDTV Antenna with 50-Mile Range Signal Booster, AR-F14
Speakers (AVANTEK)
  • This 50-mile range HDTV antenna allows you to watch your favorite TV shows without the need for expensive cable packages or satellite dishes by capturing the stunning...
  • Features a built-in low noise and high gain booster which ensures stunning picture and sound reception; supports both UHF and VHF bands; can be powered by USB cable
  • Installation is easy, fast, and requires no additional tools! Simply connect the antenna to the TV or set-top-box using the coaxial cables, perform a simple channel...
  • Ultra-compact design and 5-foot coaxial cable offer outstanding flexibility in placement; Can be lay flat to receive multi direction signals or stand on flat surface...
  • NOTE: In case you are not receiving specific channels or the reception is poor, it might be because the TV may not be in the correct mode and not scanning the channels...
HDTV Antenna, 1byone Super Thin Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna - 25 Miles Range with 10ft High Performance Coax Cable, Extremely Soft Design and Lightweight
Speakers (1BYOS)
  • Free for Life - Never pay hugely expensive cable or satellite fees again! The 1byone HDTV Antenna can pull in all of your local news, sitcom, kids and sports programs...
  • Longer Cable, Easier Setup - Our included 10-foot coaxial cable makes it easy for you to place the antenna in the area with the best reception in your house, and...
  • Full HD - 25-mile range allows access to far away broadcast towers, delivering full 1080p HD to any digital-ready TV.
  • Easy Operation - Fast and easy setup in 3 steps - Unwrap, Plug in, and Scan channels.
  • Buyer Guarantee - We stand behind our products 100% with a 12-month warranty. Please note that over-the-air reception is dependent upon environmental factors and...
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