Channel Frequency Chart

FPV Race 5.8ghz Frequency Assigment Chart
May 20, 2016 – 08:48 am
Satellite Channel

The issues of Quad (or any fpv) racing comes following this course is setup and people would you like to begin taking rehearse laps. Everybody else collects together and commence attempting to resolve the 5.8ghz regularity assignments.

Then after everyone has agreed upon tasks, initial guy increases and half-way through his training lap, he screams like a college woman as he is abruptly viewing somebody else's video along with his very own machine slams into a tree or even the floor.

Its a nightmare.

Mistakes happen, but once they happen each few days, it gets old. So, although this just isn't perfect, i have develop FPV tasks to aid guide racers away from 5.8ghz disputes.

Through much group examination and knowledge, we've visited the conclusion you'll need 40Mhz seperation between center stations to prevent influencing each other. Inside list I suggest, this mainly is valid. But if Racer A is on top of Fatshark and Racer B is low on Boscam, they ought to swap, or Racer B should go to Boscam A (higher), therefore the exact same between Racer C and D. they have been over 30Mhz apart, so they really can be ok, This needs to be tested. Feedback is appreciated.

If everyone else picks the "low" channel on my chart, every thing works 100per cent, so those should always be chosen.

Here is the chart.

We have also determined that you can only run Four racers on US frequencies. If you're in other places you can easily bring an additional two racers regarding high and reduced finishes.

The thing I've done for the team is i have developed wallet cards for each associated with four (or six) racers.

Racer The
Racer B
Racer C
Racer D
Racer E
Racer F

Each racer will choose a wallet card, then before powering up (essential) he sets their gear into proper frequency on their card. What this means is, you need to learn how to setup your FPV Gear just before arriving from the field. There's nothing much more rude than maybe not making the effort to prep with this, and arriving anticipating everyone else to support you during the day.

If you're both done with your battle, or using a break, you surrender your card back in the pool for someone else to utilize.

If you don't have a card as well as your gear set up to fit the card, that you don't switch on your FPV equipment. It as easy as that.

We hate rules in our team, so these aren't principles, but a etiquette guide for successful co-operation.

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