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P/N DCT222 DVB-T2 Terrestrial Digital HDTV Tuner / Receiver
February 6, 2019 – 08:06 pm
Optional External Tuner Box TV

External DVB-T2 electronic television Tuner HDTV receiver and set top box (stb) with HDMI, component and composite video clip outputs, closed captions, electronic sound pass through, and RF analog move across.

The DCT222 is an advanced digital HDTV tuner for DVB-T2 terrestrial Over The Air (OTA) reception utilizing inside or roof antennas. Clear (unencrypted) indicators required!

Its appropriate for Digital movie Broadcasting Terrestrial (DVB-T2) transmissions arround the whole world:
  • European Countries
  • Russia
  • Center East
  • China
  • Africa
  • Australia
  • Central America

The DCT222 is made to tune-in to DVB-T2 terrestrial stations and production audio/video through analog connections such as for instance Composite movie (red, white, yellow RCA jacks), and Component Video (red, green, blue RCA jacks plus white-red stereo audio) or through digital link HDMI.

And its Stereo production, the DCT222 HDTV cable package features digital audio coaxial pass-through for Surround Sound receivers or dedicated sound amplifiers.

The RF pass-trough production at the back of the system makes it easy in order to connect the receiver to old TVs with analog TV tuners.

The DCT222 features a user-friendly set up guide which allows for easy station mapping and set up. It's appropriate for all Plasma Tvs, LCD tracks, Projection Tvs, Video projectors and regular analog TVs or monitors.


  • Totally conform to DVB-T/T2 and H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2 Standard
  • The utmost rate associated with the traffic flow of at least 50 Mbit / sec
  • Support 3D interface
  • Rest Timer
  • Help teletext/subtitle/muti-language
  • Effective and highly effective 7-day EPG purpose
  • AUTOMOBILE, 16:9 Pillar Box, 16:9 Pan G Scan, 4:3 Letter Box, 4:3 Pan G Scan, 4:3 Whole, 16:9 Wide Screen
  • USB 2.0 for PVR, TIMESHIFT, computer software update and news data playback
  • Video production resolution: 480i/576i/480p/576p/720p/1080i/1080P

Unique Uses

The DCT222 DVB-T2 Terrestrial off-air additional HDTV tuner is a wonderful device to be used with projectors and monitors featuring HDMI, Component and Composite inputs. It tuner offer exceptional picture and crispy stereo noise. Very useful with Projectors, DVD recorders and VCRs without built-in TV tuner!

Disclaimer: Listen In To Digital Channels Just:

The DCT222 is a DVB-T2 digital TV tuner and will tune in only to Standard Digital (SD) or High Definition (HD) Digital channels. To look at the old analog channels (this is the lower band, old stations 1-99) an ANALOG tuner is needed.

Infitary Digital ATSC HD TV Receiver Converter Tuner Box for Analog TV with Recording PVR Function HDMI YPbPr RCA Coaxial Composite Output / USB Input USA
Home Theater (Infitary)
  • •USB 2.0 for PVR,TIMESHIFT,software upgrade and media files playback,•Video output resolution: 480i/576i/480p/576p/720p/1080i/1080P
  • •Converts digital broadcast to your analog TV,•By remote control to choose the RF 3/4 ch output
  • •Support teletext/subtitle/muti-language,•Powerful and highly effective 7-day EPG function
  • Note: If you would like to avoid the Scrambled Channels, please go to the main page and open the CHANNEL SEARCH, and choose the ANTENNA POWER, changing from ON to...
  • There is a protective membrane on the surface. You can peel it off while using at your choice
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