History of digital television

The History, Science and Politics of Digital TV
February 17, 2016 – 10:03 am
The History of Digital

nullBy now you’ve probably heard that television broadcasting will switch-over on digital (DTV) on February 17, 2009. You’ve probably also heard Cassandra-like warnings about everything you’ll need to be ready for this event. The fantastic chance, but is that you won’t need anything, and that when you do, your time and effort and cost on your part may be minimal. With some online resources, available away exactly what, if something, you should be ready.

Ideas for enhanced broadcast quality and services happen knocking about because the 1980s, but as it is always the case, standards must be founded among contending businesses. A number of good web sites document a brief history and background of digital television technologies.

  • There clearly was significant amounts of preliminary resistance to altering the method and technology of over-the-air broadcasting. There is certainly nevertheless a certain amount of what technology lovers call FUD (concern, Uncertainty and question) becoming spread about by folks who either don’t understand the problems or are now and again grandstanding as experts. The prospect of thousands of desperate people unable to watch their daily soaps or Monday night football games has been spread about, just as we were told that everyone's computer would crash in the year 2000. It will not take place.

features a synopsis of just how DTV works. This might be a good synopsis for folks who choose to look under the hood but don’t maintain the detail by detail physics and electronics included.

gift suggestions “The History and Politics of DTV, ” a detailed, 28-page article in PDF format from 2002. The content addresses the real history and technological problems behind the DTV rollout and change. hasn’t even been updated since 1997, yet provides excellent insight into early engineering dilemmas, objectives and plans of DTV pioneers.
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I don't have cable or satellite, we hooked outdoor antenna up and have had great reception but not now, WHY!!? | Yahoo Answers

ever since television stations went digital we have had our televisions hooked up to an outdoor antenna and have gotten great reception until about two weeks ago now we have no signal, why has this happened and can we do anything to correct it???

Check the cable. You may have had a hungry rat or squirrel chewing on your wires. If that doesn't reveal any problem, plug the antenna input into a different TV and see if that works. If so, it's your TV. If not, it's the antenna or cable. If the first two fixes don't work, try running a second cable from the antenna to the TV to completely bypass the original cable. Finally, verify that the antenna is positioned properly and didn't get blown off line or something.

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