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How to Know If a TV Gets a Digital Signal?
January 8, 2020 – 02:43 am
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Analog television indicators happen replaced with electronic over-the-air indicators, making analog television receivers obsolete.On June 12, 2009 the united states FCC formally turned over-the-air tv signals from analog to electronic. If this modification took impact, older TVs that received indicators through antennas needed to be linked either to a cable TV solution or even to a unique converter field. Tv manufacturers are now actually necessary to develop digital tuners in to the TV set. There are multiple ways to see whether your television is digital ready before purchasing a converter box or cable service.


Inspect leading and back of this television set for markings suggesting the TV is "digital ready." The labeling can vary greatly and say "DTV, " Digital Receiver, " "Digital Tuner integrated, " "Integrated Digital Tuner, " "HDTV" or "ATSC."

Step 2

Look at the television owner's manual for indicator of digital signal reception if there is no marking on the television it self. These details is from the front of the handbook or found by checking the manual index for "digital indicators."

Step Three

Connect a standard television antenna towards the "Cable/Antenna" jack from the straight back of the TV set, turn on the television and flip through the stations. In the event that TV is electronic prepared you will be able to see your basic regional stations.


  • TVs created after March 2007 are required by law having integrated digital sign receivers. Nevertheless in the event the television is avove the age of a 2007 design, you will get a digital signal converter package for it at neighborhood electronic devices shop.
  • If you sign up for cable solutions and employ a cable field you don't need a digital signal capable TV.
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