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How To Give Up Cable TV By Installing An Indoor TV Antenna
September 27, 2019 – 10:25 am
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One of my daughters came over and I mentioned to her what I had done. I was pretty dejected. She looked over my connections, and at first she didn't see anything I had done wrong. Then she asked if I had connected the Coaxial Cables. I used all the cables that came with the equipment. Sure enough, we reread the instructions and they clearly say these cables MUST BE USED. She took the Coaxial Cables from my Roku ™ and plugged those into the converter box and the TV. These are the cables that go "red into red, yellow into yellow, and white into white" holes. I didn't think they were necessary, BUT THEY ARE!

How come you assume these cables aren't included with the converter field?

After she performed that, she went an application scan, and I also was amazed! I am getting decidedly more channels than i did so with fundamental Cable! I couldn't believe my eyes. I counted the networks I'm getting: a complete of 23 stations. I don't know exactly what 50 % of them tend to be, but i'll find out.

I'm so pleased with the outcomes of my work, (and with the assistance of my daughter). Now we can beat cable, and I have one TV that i will use to obtain the educational channel i love plus many more if I want to view those channels. Easily desired to invest about $180.00 per TV, i possibly could add a converter box and an inside antenna to the other TVs. Maybe later, simply not now.

My guidance to whoever is thinking of quitting their cable solution, BE BRAVE: GET IT DONE!

If you are into recording flicks or programs to watch down the road, or you simply have to watch sports, this is NOT obtainable. For someone anything like me which seldom watches television, i do believe it is great.

More Great! An Update

I splurged and purchased myself a fresh flat display tv. Aided by the brand-new sets, the television signals are generally electronic, SO I won't require the converter field!!!

It had been such a simple task to just screwed on the end for the coaxial cable through the antenna to the brand-new television. There were very good instructions in the brand-new TV how to plan the ready with the interior antenna configurations. Afer we went it through station scan, I started to get great reception!

I jumped for pleasure! I'm getting all regional programs (that your professionals told me I couldn't get), plus 28 even more networks! If only I had done this years ago.

I packaged up the converter box inside it's original package (that I'd carefully conserved), discovered my original bill, and headed the store i purchased it from. I obtained a full reimbursement.

I have an overall total spent today of: $178.00 the brand-new television set, and $79.00 the Antenna, for a grand total of $257.00. This can pay money for it self in only a little lower than 4 months.


I purchased a Roku LT Box

We bought a Roku LT field that I'm able to utilize for online streaming flicks from Netflix also sources. In addition it has a great music channel so I can hear the best songs. This box picks up the sign from your own net.

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