Does a converter box need an antenna

DTV converter boxes aplenty, but good luck finding an antenna
September 3, 2019 – 11:23 pm
Antenna to a Converter Box

NEW YORK-Louise Coleman of Brooklyn, N.Y., performed every little thing she had been supposed to do before full-power and began broadcasting just in digital, but she still found by herself in a Best Buy store regarding DTV due date time, Friday, purchasing the last increased electronic antenna on the store shelf.

television antennas had been in short supply in New York City Friday whenever full-power broadcast TV programs switched to digital-only TV broadcasts. Marguerite Reardon CNET

By 1 p.m. EDT the air Shack on 23rd Street near Park Avenue had loads of converter boxes when you look at the shop, nonetheless it had been all out of antennas. Best purchase only along the block on 23rd Street and 6th Avenue just had some antennas kept by mid-afternoon. And by 5 p.m. a Best Buy customer service agent within store on Broadway and 62nd Street stated that antennas were out of stock in Manhattan. The sole stores that however had all of them in stock had been in Queens. In terms of converter cardboard boxes, the representative said the shop still had 242 remaining.

Justin Barber, a spokesman for most readily useful purchase, stated that as of Friday night, Best purchase stores nationwide had been satisfying interest in converter containers. He could not say whether other areas across the country had been experiencing antenna shortages. But he said the organization had expected a spike in demand.

"We have been using our antenna vendors getting additional stock, " he stated. "That was surely one thing we were planning for in anticipation of DTV switch."

It is tough to state just how widespread the possibility antenna shortage has-been. Mark Wigfield, a spokesman when it comes to Federal Communications Commission, said he hadn't heard that antennas were an issue. But he said he wasn't astonished that antennas are in high demand.

"you truly do need an antenna for electronic signals, " he said.

Best Buy had a great amount of electronic TV converter cardboard boxes on hand for last second consumers. Marguerite Reardon CNET

But Wigfield included that individuals cannot want to hurry out and purchase a new antenna. They may be able to use the present antenna they'd always get analog TV signals. But he said that whether the antenna is brand new or old, customers should verify it supports both UHF and VHF radio frequencies. VHF antennas have traditionally been the rabbit-ear antennas that receive channels 2-13. And UHF antennas have been in the design of a circle or bow-tie. These antennas are widely used to tune channels 14-51. Since broadcasters are just transferring in digital, it is critical to have an antenna that aids both VHF and UHF, because so many electronic indicators are increasingly being broadcast in UHF frequencies.

Along with VHF/UHF antennas additionally there are amplified antennas which you can use to improve reception. When it comes to Louise Coleman, the amplified antenna, assisted the girl get all standard television stations offered in the woman area, in addition to two more stations she could not get with analog TV.

But merchants caution people that no antenna is a one-size suits all answer, some thing Richard Savelli, of New york discovered the tough means. Savelli had purchased a simple bunny ear-style antenna from broadcast Shack when he picked up his converter field earlier this current year, but despite having the brand new antenna he'sn't able to listen in some digital television stations. He was in most readily useful Buy on Friday looking to purchase a brand new antenna. Although pickings had been rather slim.

"it's frustrating, " he said. "no body explained we needed a particular antenna. But cable is simply too costly and I wouldn't like to offer all of them my cash."

Finding out exactly which antenna to utilize is a large challenge. The FCC has some info on its site that delivers some assistance. But most of informative data on the world wide web is all about external antennas. However, Wigfield advises that customers browse the FCC site and use something that enables visitors to put in their target and ZIP rule to see where their regional place transmitters can be found and what sort of sign they may be able expect to get. Addititionally there is information available towards various kinds of antennas.

CNET Reviews associate editor Matthew Moskovciak states the position for the antenna is normally much more important as compared to kind of antenna utilized. He additionally states that more recent converter boxes work much better than ones made just a couple of many years. Moskovciak, which ratings antennas and digital converter bins for CNET, has also been an over-the-air TV viewer for previous three-years. And he claims he's spent hours testing and determining which option works best for getting digital TV indicators in his Astoria, Queens, apartment.

What he has got discovered is a costly amplified antenna failed to perform as well in the apartment as a much cheaper HDTV UHF/VHF antenna. He makes use of an HDTV "silver sensor" antenna that costs around $35, versus $50 or even more for an antenna with a signal amplifier. In which he says which he not only gets even more television channels than he did with analog, but your TV networks he could be getting are a lot higher quality in high definition in accordance with surround noise.

a gold sensor HDTV antenna from Philips which just like the one CNET editor Matthew Moskovciak uses. CNET

But he adds that everyone's knowledge is different, and that some individuals residing in an alternative part of the city or even someone in his own neighborhood or building whose apartment is facing another type of course may have a less strenuous or a more difficult time getting an indication with similar gear.

So what are consumers to do? Here are a few tips that can be used to help get you started setting up your antenna for digital reception.

•&nbsp Make sure you are utilising an antenna that supports UHF and VHF.

•&nbsp Move your antenna closer to a window. Often it's much easier to get reception from the window.

•&nbsp aim the antenna in way where you understand neighborhood TV channels tend to be broadcasting. You may need to adjust the antenna for various channels.

•&nbsp Rescan your digital converter package or tuner to get the stations in case the broadcaster features relocated all of them.

•&nbsp if you should be still struggling to get a signal, decide to try a unique antenna. Moskovciak advises not purchasing the most expensive antenna very first. As an alternative, he claims working the right path up, attempting various antennas to determine what one is most effective. Frequently a more affordable antenna may are better than an even more costly one. Most useful purchase has a 30-day return policy, therefore take to as much antennas as you wish, and return those that you certainly do not need.

"It really is not simple to set this up completely, " Moskovciak stated. "I've spent considerable time getting mine setup. I have my antenna taped to the wall surface and pointing toward the transmitters. But I really do not view TV all that much, so I can not justify spending another $50 per month on cable."

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