How to get free digital channels?

How to get digital channels without dta converter comcast
March 4, 2019 – 09:25 pm
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I'm in the same boat since the initial poster...i moved into my apartment a couple of months right back, plugged the cables that have been currently right here into my TV and managed to have free cable. Recently I lost most of my channels and had been told that I must get a converter box from Comcast. Basically do this, Comcast will understand that i am getting free cable and they're going to start recharging myself a lot of money. When i last spoke to Comcast, I found out that they were under the impression that the cable to my apartment was cancelled in 2008...I didn't correct cuz I dont want to have to start paying

If I purchase a converter field on ebay, may I only plug the cable into it and have a much my channels back? If so, what sort of package do i need to get?

As an alternative, may I ask my neighbor (who has got an account with Comcast) to inform Comcast that he bought one more television for their room and requirements a converter field, after that utilize that converter field in my own apartment?

And does Comcast sell cable boxes to non-subscribers?? Would that even make sense/work?? I;m bad with this specific kinda things, but I happened to be thinking i possibly could phone Comcast, declare that I get my cable from another company, to check out should they would offer me personally a converter box.

Any guidance would-be greatly valued

You may be actually trying to get sued or have some nasty visits by Comcast. Deal with everything have or order their solution. I am hoping your neighbor is certainly not stupid enough to get a converted and give it for your requirements.

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